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General Use

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{{MySims Fanon Wiki User}}
MySims Fanon Logo...NEW Userboxes is totally a user of MySims Fanon Wiki. I mean, you know, They love this site and they even took time to find this userbox to put on their page. You gotta give some credit for that.

{{MySims Fanon Wiki Proud Supporter}}
MySims Fanon Logo...NEW Userboxes proudly supports MySims Fanon Wiki. Userboxes loves the idea of creating their own MySims and games. It's totally great!

Edits Badges

Code Result
Userboxes has made edits.

HelpfulBadge Userboxes is a very helpful user!


Userboxes has made 100 contributions! Yay for them!!

500 Userboxes has made 500 edits!

Keep on contributing!!


Userboxes has made 1,000 edits! Keep it up!!


Userboxes has made 10,000 edits! Wow, That's just... Wow!

Game Company Members

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{{Pixelated Projects}}
NewPPLogo Userboxes is member of Pixelated Projects.

{{MySims TV Worker}}
MySims TV Logo Userboxes is a member of MySims TV and enjoys making games and shows for all to see.

{{Renegade Member}}
The Renegade Userboxes is a member of The Renegade. They create games or characters, and are officially awesome.

{{NanoControl Member}}
Nano Userboxes is a member of NanoControl. They create characters and games for everyone to share and see.

User Fans

Code Result
{{Googleybear Fan}}
GoogleybearCheer Userboxes is fan of Googleybear. They think he is very nice and helpful.

{{NicoL Fan}}
NicoL-Bubbles Userboxes is fan of NicoL. They think he is very nice and helpful.

{{Potterfan1997 Fan}}
Pottah Person Userboxes is fan of Potterfan1997. They think he is very nice and helpful.

{{Sumaes01 Fan}}
Sumaesmanlaugh Userboxes is fan of Seamus01. They think he is very nice and helpful.

{{Wii maniac Fan}}
Wii maniacdefault Userboxes is fan of Wii maniac. They think he is very nice and helpful.

{{ACL Fan}}}
ACLsmall Userboxes thinks that Mirai Moon is a cool dude.

Game Fans

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{{MySims Galaxy (Wii) Fan}}
MySims Galaxy Wii If MySims Galaxy (Wii) was real, Userboxes would TOTALLY buy it!

{{MySims Galaxy (DS) Fan}}
MySims Galaxy DS If MySims Galaxy (DS) was real, Userboxes would TOTALLY buy it!

Character Fans

Code Result
{{Devil Fan}}
The Devil Userboxes is a fan of Devil. They love the fact that he teaches young demons at The Academy For Demons

{{Annie Toymender Fan}}
Annie Toymender Userboxes is a fan of Annie Toymender, because she's a really nice girl who loves cute bunnies and has a great imagination!

{{Fred Auth Fan}}
Fred Auth (SIM) Userboxes is a fan of Fred Auth. He's a nice guy who's great with computers. Also, his food appetite is amazing!

{{Rosalina Fan}}
Rosalina (Sim) Userboxes likes Rosalina and her fortunes! Lumas are pretty cool, too!

{{Tiffany Fan}}
Tiffany-Giggle Userboxes is a Fan of Tiffany. They love how she loves ice cream and parties!

{{Zeke Toymender Fan}}
Zeke Toymender (MSG) Userboxes is a fan of Zeke Toymender because they love his cooking and thinks he's a great guy! Also, cakes are one of the best foods around!

Darra (MySims) Userbox Userboxes is a fan of Darra and her wisdom. She will guide you to victory, My friend.
{{Morten Fan}}
Morten - Happy Userboxes likes Morten and his appetite for wasabi, ghost chilis, habañeros and other hot stuff. And cashews and grapefruits.

{{DJ Simon Fan}}
DJ Simon Userboxes likes DJ Simon Supergroove and his sheer determination to be the #2 DJ in the world.

Character Dislikes

Code Result
Darra (MySims) Hate Userbox Userboxes finds Darra unberable. She should learn to be less scared of everything!

Interest Fans

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{{Cute Fan}}
Cute Userboxes absolutely LOVES everything Cute and cuddly! Awww!

{{Fun Fan}}
Fun Userboxes is totally a Fun kind of person. Rock on! WOO!

{{Geeky Fan}}
Geeky Userboxes totally thinks being Geeky is awesome!!!!!

{{Spooky Fan}}
Spooky Userboxes thinks Spooky stuff is totally radical. DUDE! Er...I mean...BOO!

{{Studious Fan}}
Studious Userboxes believes in being knowledgable and totally Studious.

{{Tasty Fan}}|
Tasty Userboxes really loves food, and everything Tasty!

Essence Fans

Code Result
{{Blood Fan}}
Blood Essence Userboxes enjoys collecting Blood Essences, for some reason.

{{Ninja Fish Fan}}
Ninja Fishy2! Userboxes is a fan of Ninja Fish because it has the craziest chop in all of the sea, but is a friendly community fish.
{{Rubber Ducky Fan}}
Rubber Ducky2 Userboxes enjoys collecting Rubber Ducky Essences, because they love playing with them!

{{Tear Fan}}
Tear Userboxes enjoys collecting Tear Essences, because it makes them sad... Which makes them happy; which makes us confused.


Code Result
{{Loves Animals}}
New Dogwood Userboxes thinks that animals are SOOOO fun to play with, be around, and are VERY cute!

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