Please see ACL's blog post for more information on popular Shipping couples.

MySims Shipping is a popular topic in the community of MySims fans. Shipping involves making groups of two people who could, according to canon, be together in a friendship or a relationship. Some of the more popular couples are "Libis" (Liberty x Travis), "Guki" (Goth Boy x Yuki) and the infamous Partner Love (Buddy x Lyndsay).

Shipping Couples

Sims are usually shipped according to their interests, as it is common to see a Spooky x Spooky shipping, and rare to see a Spooky x Cute shipping. The most well-known of these couples on this Wiki, Guki features the two Spooky sims Goth Boy and Yuki. Some other examples include...

Ship Sims Template
"Guki" Goth Boy x Yuki Template:Guki
"Libis" Travis x Liberty Template:Libis
"Prebee" Preston x Beebee Template:Prebee
"Magical Couple" Marlon x Wendalyn Template:Magical Couple
"Teren" Terry x Helen Template:Teren
"Vionel" Lord Daniel x Violet Template:Vionel
"Sopheremy" Jeremy x Sophie Template:Sopheremy
"Derekoto" Derek x Makoto Template:Derekoto
DJ Fan-Ship Zack x Sapphire Template:DJ Fan-Ship
Animal Fan Shipping Tim x Renee Template:Animal Fan Shipping
"Summaz" Summer x Chaz Template:Summaz
Partner Love Buddy x Lyndsay Template:Partner Love
"Barmira" Barney x Elmira Template:Barmira
"Travonda" Travis x Rhonda Template:Travonda
Cutie Pies Bean x Clara Template:Cutie Pies
Cute Love :3 Bean x Dolly Template:Cute Love :3
Beach Buds Summer x Luke Template:Beach Buds
Spiritual Spooks Vincent x Zoe Template:Spiritual Spooks
Unlikely Loners Vincent x Violet Template:Unlikely Loners

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