Crideas is a program started by the MySims wiki. Here, you can suggest improvements for this wiki. Some suggestions from the other wiki include Userboxes,Word Bubbles,Personality Quiz and more! However, not all of the suggestions get approved. You can vote on suggestions on the talk page. For more information/examples, please see the MySims wiki version here. Thank You.

New Main Page Link Banner

Hi uh I'm Dentface, 1 of the admins on mysims wiki, and i think we should have a long banner lyk the 1 on mysims wiki i will even d it myself all u have to say is yes.

This cridea has been decided. The wiki decides that Dentface's cridea has been APPROVED!!


Yo, It's AttackJojo3...I have an idea..Maybe we could have a text bubble for User Talks?

This cridea has been decided. The wiki decides that AttackJojo3's cridea has been APPROVED!!

Zain – Can people who own MySims PC gimme ur perosna's so I can add you!
TALK – 16:49pm GMT
Hi, I was thinking to have an Interest Page for each game! So basically, we can think of interest and create them on a certain page! Similar to how we made Characters! I was thinking also of having... uhh... Useboxes like on the MySims wiki... you know like Friend userboxes! Or 'This person is a fan of this person's game'??? I'm just a creative person... oh and you better watch me... I get hyper!!!
This cridea has been decided. The wiki decides that Mayor Zain's cridea has been APPROVED!!


Holli – Awesomenessnessness
TALK – 2+2=5. No, no. It's true!
This is basically like teh userboxes on Wikipedia and MySims Wiki, but only, have them be fanon articles. So, whaddaya think?

Sumaes01 – I. MUST. FLIPPIN'. GET. A. FLIPPIN'. NINTENDO. 3DS! Angrymonkey.gif
TALK "Tik Tok- On the clock but I won't tell you the time, no"
No, what Holli means isn't userboxes as in "This user is a sysop!". She means something like: "This user is a fan of Annie Toymender from MySims Galaxy!" or something like that.

For every character for every game or just for every non-sim characters? Potterfan1997 07:35, December 31, 2010 (UTC)

This cridea has been decided. The wiki decides that Holhol1235's cridea has been DECLINED!!
Reason: We already have userboxes

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