Badges are like awards. You post them on your user page. To make a column for your badges, visit Template:B&U ColumnStart and Template:B&U ColumnEnd. A list of Badges are below:

Badge Outcome Input Code
0 Badges has made 0 edits.

SysopBadge Badges is part of the Sysop Squad!

AdminBadge Badges is part of the Admin Group!


Badges has made 100 contributions! Yay for them!!

500 Badges has made 500 edits!

Keep on contributing!!


Badges has made 1,000 edits! Keep it up!!


Badges has made 10,000 edits! Wow, That's just... Wow!

HelpfulBadge Badges is a very helpful user!


Badges has been blocked from editing on the wiki for some reason.


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