MySims-related Wikis

English: Started by Wii maniac on June 2011.

A wiki for everything about MySims TV.

English: Started by Darkrudie on December 2008.

The MySims Wiki is the sister wiki or this one. Obviously, most users on that wiki go on this one.

Fanon Wikis

English: Started by Orange Yoda on September 2008.

Super Smash Bros. Fanon is a wiki where you can create your own Super Smash Bros. games.

English: Started by Clay Mario on May 2008.

Mario Fanon Wiki is a wiki where you can create Fan Games and Fan Fics about the Super Mario series (and all spin-offs).

English: Started by Wiki Worker 72 on November 2008.

The AC Fanon wiki is a wiki about all things non-canon about Animal Crossing, including Fan Made characters, games and holidays.

English: Started by Orange Yoda on November 2010.

A wiki for any fanon video games or fanfictions.

English: Started by Googleybear on July 2011.

A wiki for any Scooby-Doo fanon.

English: Started by Blindsighter101 on December 2013.

A wiki for any Disney Movie fanon.

English: Started by Thibo1102 on December 2014.

A wiki for any fiction story.

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