My Sims And The School Of Heroes (also called MSATOH) is a project developed by Legacy inc. It follows a few Sims in a school for heroes. The game is made to take a darker route then the other games, getting it a T rating for violence and minor cursing.


The game is a beat em up with each interest gaining properties. Fun is fast and hard hitting, but lacks proper defense. Geeky is perfectly balanced. Cute has semi balanced stats all around, but much higher hp then other Sims. Studios has the highest defense. Tasty has semi balanced stats, and will take some of an enemies hp after killing it. And spooky has the highest speed and a stealth ability, but has the lowest of other stats, and a combo move.


The game follows your Sim and your group of friends, Chaz, Buddy, Clara, Matt, Maria, And Goth Boy as you uncover the mystery of the time stones while attending a special school run by billion air game maker and teacher, X. Together you band together to beat MorcuCorp as you find out what these stones are. But time is unstable, and Morcubus knows this, and has a plan.


  • X is the only character not to swear in Level 13: "Chaso Fest"

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