My Sims (Wii U) is a MySims game for the Wii U. New characters will appear and old characters too.


Name Job Age Description Located Star Level
Rosalyn  Mayor 32 The Mayor of the Town Town 1
Helen Manager Mayor 76 The Grandma of Tim and Tim always have Fun Town 1
Tim Little Son Manager Mayor 16 A kind boy loves pets and is nice with his grandma Town/Forest/Beach/Canyon/Rock On! Island 1
Ewan Police Officer 19 n Police Officer that looks angry  Town/Forest/Ski Run/Beach/Forest/Canyon/Mount Sims 1
Tyler Tailor 74 A nice Sim makes clothes and sometimes in trouble Town 1
Poppy Flower Seller 15 A Sim that sells flowers his sis is Violet Town/Forest/Mount Sims 1
Chaz McFreely Sporting Sim 17 A Sim that has interest in sporting Town/Canyon/Mount Sims/Ski Run/Rock On! Island 2
DJ Candy DJ 16 An DJ That always dances on street Canyon/Mount Sims/Beach/Rock On! Island 2
Violet Also Flower Seller 19 Shes an Flower Seller Too Shes selling different flowers she doesnt sell flowers same like her sis Poppy Rock On! Island/Forest/Mount Sims 2
Juliet (New) Funiture Seller 28 An Desperate Funiture Seller Forest/Rock On! Island/Mount Sims/Beach/Canyon 2
Chef Gino Chef 33 An chef that makes world famous pizza's Town/Rock On! Island 2
Alan (New) Archeolist 26 An Archeolist he want to have Treasures Canyon/Mount Sims 2
Hawk Casinodealer 24 An true gentleman Rock On! Island 3
Emma Casinodealer 24 Does her Cool befrore but really hates losing Rock On! Island 3
Buddy Hotel Manager 22 An Hotel Manager he is sometimes annyoying Rock On! Island 3
Gordon Device Seller 20 An Device Seller he is cool Village 4

More Comming Soon

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