MySims $$$$$ DS is a game for the Nintendo DS. 


You come back to [town name] as a rich millionare.You got all your money by helping Sims all over the world. Then you leave [town name] and it crumbles. It crumbles because you were paying all the Sims not to work their jobs. You then find a big piece of land and move in. You invite everyone in town, however, you don't invite Rosalyn P. Marshall because you want to be mayor. The whole point of the game is you move in sims and you pay them.(NOTE: Some Sims don't have to get paid)


  • You**
  • Buddy*
  • Lindsay
  • King Roland*
  • Princess Butter*
  • Queen Egg*
  • Lord Daniel*
  • Duchess Beverly*
  • Prince Danny*
  • Poppy*
  • Violet Nightshade
  • Sandra
  • Linda*
  • Crystal
  • Mel
  • Madame Zoe*
  • Summer***
  • Spring
  • Chaz McFreely*
  • Chax McGreely*
  • Roxie Road***
  • Moxie Road***
  • Dolly Dearheart
  • Camila Radd*
  • Annie Radd*
  • Kalii
  • Tashima*

26 Sims in all


[town name]:16 lots

Forest:5 lots

Mountains:5 lots

Star Markings

*=Gets paid

**=You (Owner of the money)

***=Share the money with

Wii Game


Single Player

2-player game

and others

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