MySims Smash Brothers is the MySims and Super Smash Brothers game. It's made by EA Games and Nintendo. This game includes MySims characters, Smash Brothers characters, Melee stages, Brawl stages, and more!

MySims Character: Poppy

Standard Special Move: Flower Throw Side Special Move: Cute Spin Up Special Move: Flower Jump Down Special Move: Flower Stomp Final Smash: Poppy Blossom

MySims Character: Violet Nightshade

Standard Special Move: Thorn Throw Side Special Move: Spooky Spin Up Special Move: Thorn Jump Down Special Move: Thorn Stomp Final Smash: Violet Blossom

MySims Character: DJ Candy

Standard Special Move: Disc Throw Side Special Move: DJ Spin Up Special Move: DJ Jump Down Special Move: DJ Doom Final Smash: DJ Beat

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