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Wii U boxart
3DS boxart
Developer(s) Leading Games
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Release date Sept 21, 2013 (US-Wii U)
Oct 1, 2013 (PAL/JPN-Wii U)
Sept 18, 2013 (PAL/JPN-3DS)
Sept 23, 2013 (US-3DS)
Genre Mystery/Puzzle/Adventure
Mode(s) Story Mode
Rating(s) E for Everyone
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U
Nintendo 3DS
Media Wii U disc
3DS cartridge

MySims Riddled Mischief (or MySims Riddles in Europe) is a mystery, puzzle adventure game, that is a spin-off of the MySims Agents series. The game plays similar to the MySims Agents series. The game takes place in SimCity, and the areas around it. The game will be released on the Nintendo Wii U as MySims: Riddled Mischief and on the 3DS as MySims Riddled Agents. Other then the name, the game will be a port of the Wii U version.


One normal day at the SIM Agency Headquarters (from MySims Agents), everything was peaceful, a rainy but quiet day, no phone calls, no recruits, no noise. When suddenly, a strike of lightning hit the top of the headquarters and, being that the whole building is metal, passed out due to the electricity.

Later, during the night, everyone woke up. Wondering what had happened, they tried to regain balance, Jenny leaned on her desk, Roxie on the computer, Evelyn on the wall, Buddy on a chair and you just kneeled there, looking at the ground. Noticing you, the girls and Buddy rushed over to you and inspected the ground, and there, lying on the ground was a note. It read the following:

"All is a riddle in the town. Get the clues, do not frown.
All is short of desperation, you gotta work backwardation.
Do not give up, on the fight, Remember now, you have all night."

Puzzled with riddles, the group went to the door, and peered outside, but the city looked way different then it one had. A purple sky, leaning buildings, and worse of all, a man in a cape with a big ? on his shirt, on top of the subway, looking at them. Confused and dazed, Buddy, You and Evelyn go search for these "clues" the note said.


See also: Character Portal:MySims Riddled Mischief

There are many characters in the game, as you can go around the town looking for clues and their objectives, many sims will offer to help you.

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