Name Racer? MorcuCorp? Area New Sim?
Mayor Charles No No Town No
Ol' Gabby Yes No Town "
DJ Candy Yes No Town "
Ginny Yes No Town "
Morcubus Yes Yes Town "
Brandi Yes No Town "
Violet No No Beach "
Poppy No No Beach "
Zombie Carl Weatherby No No The Grave "
Goth Boy Yes Yes Forest


Roxie No No Forest "
Ruthie No No Forest "
Jenny Yes Yes The Grave "
Gino No No Town "
Noelle No No Forest "
Dr. F Yes No Koko's Isle "
T.O.B.O.R Yes Yes Koko's Isle "
Alexa Yes No Koko's Isle "
Yuki Yes Yes Koko's Isle "
Ray Yes Yes Koko's Isle "
Esma Yes Yes Koko's Isle "
Travis Yes No Entertainment Field "
Rusty Yes Yes Entertainment Field "
Karine No No Town "
Taylor No No Town "
Chaz Yes No Stunt Land Theme Park- Koko's Isle "
Tim No No Stunt Land Theme Park- Town and then Beach "
Professor Nova No No Nova's Observatory "
Sir Vincent No Yes Koko's Isle "
Orange Yoda Yes No Forest Yes
Makoto No Yes Nova's Observatory No
Gonk No No Stunt Land Theme Park- Beach and Koko's Isle No
Clara Belle Yes No Koko's Isle No
Mrs. K Meow Yes No Koko's Isle Yes
Bobadoo Yes No Koko's Isle No



Yes No Beach Yes
Agent Speedature Yes Yes Forest Yes
Serene Dartuin Yes No Beach Yes
Leaf Yes No Beach No
Petal No No Forest No
Tad Yes No Forest No
Wendalyn No No Forest No
Natalia Roshmanov No No Stunt Land Theme Park- Town No
Terry Toymender No No Stunt Land Theme Park- Beach No
Trevor Verily Yes No Trevor's Theatre No
Cedella Yes No Trevor's Theatre No
Justice Yes No Forest No
Sylvia No No Koko's Isle No
Hopper No No Koko's Isle No
King Roland No No Koko's Isle/Beach No
Mel The Mummy Yes No Beach No
Princess Butter No No Koko's Isle No
DJ Zain Speedature No No Forest No

Miley Dartuin

Yes No Forest Yes


  • Miley and Serene Dartuin are sisters, but seem to hate each other!
  • Princess Butter stays along side King Roland, except when he is at the Beach!






Koko's Isle

Entertainment Field

Stunt Land Theme Park

Nova's Observatory

Trevor's Theatre

Racing Power-Ups:

Power Ups
Name of Power-Up Effect of Power-Up
Shroom Blast Sends 3 mushrooms and blocks players screen for 20 seconds
Super UFO

Ride a UFO until you are 35 Seconds ahead of 1st place!

Happy Halloween Sprays chocolates, cookies and sweets on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place racers- excludes you!
Mint Madness Make the road slippery for racers ahead of you!
Force Field Blocks enemy attacks for 10 seconds!
Fruit Salad Boosts your speed for 10 seconds!
Cupiditus Cupid appears and shoots arrows at racers ahead of you and slows them down until you are 20 seconds ahead of 1st place!
FarmVille A wall of farm animals will block the person who is in first place!
Pinwheel Choose your own weapon for now!
Around the world Finish the game automatically in first place!

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