MySims Racing 3DS boxcover

The box art for "MySims Racing (3DS)"

MySims Racing (3DS) is a MySims game for the 3DS. The player has to try to stop Morcubus from taking over racing spirit! The player teams up with Gabby once again to stop Morcubus. 


When you are playing, you will find new and old sims in the game. These sims are:

Playable (Racers):





There are new racetracks on MySims Racing (3DS). There is a new thing called "Retro Tracks", where there are tracks from older MySims Racing's. The new tracks are:

New Tracks:

  • Super Speedway
  • MySims Raceway 2
  • Canyon Falls
  • Mars Ride
  • Volcanic Island
  • Icicle Vally
  • Beach Fun

Returning Tracks:

  • DS MySims Raceway
  • Wii Pinball Canyon
  • DS Cruise-Line Chase
  • Wii Racing School
  • DS Forest Bluffs
  • Wii Misty Motorway
  • DS Polar Pursuit


  • The thing of "Retro Tracks" might be a reference to "Mario Kart".

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