MySims Police Force
Developer(s) Flip-Q Games
Publisher(s) Flip-Q Games
Release date 25 December 2015
Genre Action
Mode(s) Story Mode (Single Player), Boss Battles
Rating(s) Rating pending
Platform(s) Console/PC: Wii U, Xbox One, PS4, PC/Mac/Linux

Handheld: 3DS, PS Vita, iOS/Android


MySims Police Force is a MySims game by Flip-Q Games. Gameplay is similar to both MySims and MySims Agents.  



  • Edwin, Foster, Katie, Martin and Tyler were supposed to appear in the console/PC version, but were cut.
    • All of these people appear in the handheld version.
  • Ginny was originally going to be a police officer in the game, but was ultimately replaced by Tobias (console version) and Hugh (handheld version).

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