Video Game Release Date Description

MySims Pokemon Adventures is an all new upcoming video game for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS, starring the MySims characters and Pokemon characters, and it will soon be released to department stores on November 18, 2013.

Plot Summary

1 fine morning when the player wakes up, he or she sees a lot of Pokemon playing around and having a lot of fun and excitement.......but the player must build a lot of town houses and Pokemon Centers to make a lot of paradise.

Characters in the video game include

MySims Pokemon Adventures
Developer(s) MySims TV
Publisher(s) MySims TV
Release date November 18, 2013
Genre Creativity


Pokemon training

Pokemon battle

Mode(s) 1 player
Rating(s) Every 1, 10 and up
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS
Media Nintendo Wii memory cards and Nintendo 3DS game cards

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