Hosts: Princess Butter (MySims Kingdom) and Princess Peach (Super Mario Bros.)
Minigame Host Description Objective Game
Match'em Fashion Princess Peach I think it's time for a change! Can you find my dress among these 3 other ones? Find the mannequin that is wearing the same dress as Peach MySims Party
Leaf Leap Petal Ever read the story, Jack and the Beanstalk? Well, I want you to find the un-natural cause of this beanstalk, by climbing to the top! Get the highest on the beanstalk Mario Party 5
Go! Go! Dancing! Koopa Troopa I love to dance! DJ Candy showed me her dance moves, but now I want you to show yours to me! Do the control it says at the right time MySims Party
M.P.I.Q. Matt I am going to ask a trivia question about MySims or Mario! Take a wild guess, but if you're wrong... SPLAT! Guess the right answer Mario Party 3
Liar Liar Wario and Waluigi Guess what! I'm rich! Hah! I got you. I WANT TO BE rich, but I aint. I will ask you to find the lie, while Waluigi will ask you to find the truth. Find Wario's lie and Waluigi's truth. MySims Party
Dark 'n Crispy Morcubus Mwa ha ha ha ha! My spooky disciples! I need your assistance! Lets fire some fire rays and destroy the others! Avoid Morcubus' fire rays Mario Party 6

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