Hosts: Buddy (MySims) and Mario (Super Mario Bros.)
Minigame Host Description Objective Game
Rudder Madness Hopper Hop! Lets get to the end of the swamp on my lily pads! First one there wins! Get to the end of the swamp first. Mario Party 8
Bell Hopscotch Toad Looks like Buddy needs some help at the hotel! Maybe we should help him. Bring as much luggage to the end as possible within a 100 second time limit. MySims Party
Domination Master Aran Lets learn the pounding hammer strike! Just hit down on the switch for 10 seconds. Tap the "A" button as fast as you can for 10 seconds Mario Party 4
Brave the Cave King Boo Can you brave my cave? Here's a test, go find the treasure at the end! Get to the end of the cave without falling down a hole, or off the edge. MySims Party

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