Each festival will show the two hosts, and the minigames. Please note that the minigames listed are placed in this order. The minigames in-game will be drawn randomly from these lists.

Opening Festival Princess Festival Cannon Festival Banana Festival Magic Festival
Dream Festival Super Festival Evil Festival Old Abandon Festival Game Festival
Unknown Festival Shell Festival Omega Festival Power-Up Festival Festival Finale!


In the beginning of the game, you start with 5 characters, Mario, Luigi, Buddy, Rosalyn and One created sim.

Character How to Unlock
Hopper In the minigame Rudder Madness, win by coming in first by 5+ seconds.
Toad In the minigame Bell Hopscotch, carry 15+ bags to win.
Master Aran In the minigame Domination, win by knocking down atleast 25 Thwomps.
King Boo In the minigame Brave the Cave, be the only one to make it to the end of the course.
Princess Peach In the minigame Match'em Fashion, be the only person to score a point by the end.
Petal In the minigame Leaf Leap, be the only one to make it to the top of the beanstalk.
Koopa Troopa In the minigame Go! Go! Dancing!, win by getting atleast 50 points.
Matt In the minigame M.P.I.Q., be the only one to survive in the end.
Wario In the minigame Liar Liar, always find Wario's truth.
Waluigi In the minigame Liar Liar, always find Waluigi's lie.
Morcubus In the minigame Dark 'n Crispy, be the only person to survive Morcubus' flamethrower.

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