MySims NecroAgents is an Upcoming Game to Pixelated Projects.


MySims NecroAgents is a game where you play as a young agent. You've been on many missions before, but none this big. Morcubus, one of the main antagonists of the MySims Series, travels to Civitus, a kingdom led in the Old Times. He then finds a "Wandolier", whom he recruits to MorcuCorp. He then travels to the MorcuShuttle, a Space Center located near Civitus. It is later revealed that he plans to reach a satellite and broadcast a hynotic message on television. The wandoiler is to help keep meteors from Morcubus's Shuttle. The wandoiler failed, and is presumed deceased. Morcubus, however, survived the Crash, and broadcasted his message. 5 Years Later, Morcubus is declared king of Ridgewood, a group of countries aligned. Morcubus sent a fleet of Morcubots to wreck Civitus, the only country who opposed him. Civitus was wrecked, but after 2 weeks, Civitus relocates to a nearby island. Now you, Tray and PiX must figure out how to bring the wandoiler back to defeat Morcubus.

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