MontyWorld 3: The Wrath of the Cute 1st Grader
Developer(s) Monty, Inc
Publisher(s) The Cute 1st Grader?, MorcuCorp?, Monty, Inc
Release date All: November 8, 2013
Genre Fighting
Mode(s) Story, Hardcore, MontyWorld Editor, Multiplayer
Rating(s) E10+
Platform(s) Wii, Woo (i don't know how to do links in infoboxes), All handheld systems from Nintendo, PC
Media Disc, Woo thingie, Cartridge
MySims MontyWorld 3: The Wrath of the Cute 1st Grader is a game where a 1st grader strikes over your MontyWorld 2 world (if any), and everybody is hypnotised by the mysterious 1st grader, which is discovered to be a girl after you get to Star Level 3.

Story Mode

Basically the same as MontyWorld 2, except without the billboard part, and instead of MorcuCorp taking over, an extremely adorable 1st grader does. An extra part at the end is when after the 1st grader leaves (Star Level 10), MorcuCorp comes back, and you did the same thing you did at the end of MontyWorld 2 when MorcuCorp was attacking. This goes on for 5 Star Levels. Unlike MontyWorld 1/2, you have 3 lives, and if they are used up, you can use up to 4 more of You. When you run out, you will be dead, and you need to start all over again, so use those lives wisely!

Hardcore Mode

Basically, you're playing Story Mode, but you only have the Sim you are using, and you only have 1 life instead of 3.

MontyWorld Editor

It's the same as the MontyWorld 1 MontyWorld Editor.


Basically, you're playing Story Mode, but you have 2-4 people controlling:

  1. You (always Player 1)
  2. The Cute 1st Grader
  3. A certain person from MorcuCorp
  4. Morcubus

The screen will split so that each player knows where they are going.


  • It is one of the hardest MySims games, as you have to fight twice, and you need to get to Star Level 15 to complete the game.
  • There are 26 more sequels to the game, and 2 prequels to it.

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