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Your sim lives long ago. The game is similar to "The Sims Medieval" because the lifestyle, gaemplay and tasks are similar. Some new abillities are traits, marriage, and children.


Builders: Esma, Sophie, Joseph.

Servents: Olivia, Margret.

Town Bully: Town Bully Brandi.

Time Portal Sims: Clara Belle, Noelle Belle, Chaz McFreely, DJ Candy.

Kingdom Residents: Liberty, Violet Beauregard, Violet Nightshade, Poppy Nightshade, Buddy, Gordan, Annie Radd, Odin Radd, Roger, Dr. F, Gino.

Your Family: Lady Summer (sister), Beebee (daughter), Preston, (son-in-law). A partner and more kids are availble.

Morcukingdom: Morcubus, Yuki, Brandi, Raven, Goth Boy.


Friendly, Good, Mean, Evil, Caring, Cook, Virtuoso, Piggy, Stuck-up, Bloodthirsty, Foolish.

Kingdom Levels

No medal (Bad Castle), Bronze Medal (Village), Silver Medal (Average Kingdom), Gold Medal (The proper palace).


  • The gold medal, The Proper Palce, is one of Renee`'s tasks in 'MySims Kingdom".

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