MySims: Lost Treasure
Developer(s) ZoeyMySims
Publisher(s) ZoeyMySims
Release date Any
Genre Adventure
Mode(s) Story Mode, Endless Mode
Rating(s) Any

MySims Lost Treasure is a game like MySims Kingdom and MySims Party as there are minigames you have to play in order to pass the guards of different lands. The storyline is similar to MySims Kingdom, where you have to travel to different land in order to help and provide other Sims.


The characters in different lands are all in one certain interest.

Pokeregional (pronouced Poke-e-regun-all) - A land where Sims and Pokemon unite

Cantolana - The land of computers!

  • Vic Vector - Guard

Note: These are the only known lands with known villagers or towns people so far.


There are certain lands, but some people do not know about the town's people.

Cantolana is a land of computers, and it has people with the Tech and Geeky interests. Whilst Pokeregional is a land with Pokemon, and they live alongside Fun and Spooky sims. Zoey Julian is the guard. There is a land believed to be called Costopia, but it is not known which sim types roam.

(P.S. If you have ideas of places, please message me as ZoeyMySims)

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