MySims Kingdom PC
Msk-pc-box. front
Developer(s) CosmicLoop Goods
Publisher(s) Electronic Farts
Release date October 2014
Genre Adventure, Quest, Fantasy
Mode(s) Single-player, Online Multi-Player
Rating(s) E10 for Everyone 10+
Platform(s) PC
Media CD-ROM

MySims PC is simply a PC-port version of the 2008 MySims Kingdom Wii. It is rumored there will be additional content, like what happened with MySims PC, but it is not proven to be true yet. It has been confirmed, however, that an online multiplayer mode will be included; as well as the original MySims PC servers being started up again.

They also plan to release it in October 2014 as part of MySims Kingdom's 5th/6th anniversary.

Nothing much else is known at this point.

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