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MySims Kingdom: Grand Comeback
Developer(s) CosmicLoop Goods
Publisher(s) Electronic Farts
Release date TBA
Genre Life Simulation
Mode(s) Single-player, MultiPlayer, WiFi
Rating(s) T for Teenagers
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, XBOX-360, PlayStation-3
Media Wii Optical Disc, Nintendo DS Game Card, Nintendo 3DS card, XBOX-360 disc, PlayStation-3 disc

Basic Summary

MySims Kingdom: Grand Comeback is a sequel to the 2008 MySims Kingdom.

The story begins some time after the previous MSK. But the original wandolier has disappeared, and two new ones must be sought out! Without the previous wandolier around, the kingdom has begun to fall into ruin again... But not to worry; the Wandolier Trials are about to begin!

The kingdom has broadened its territory, and more islands are to be explored. Take control of two boy+girl wandoliers, and join Buddy and Lyndsay once again to save the kingdom from falling apart a second time.

Gameplay Info

You have the ability to play two different wandoliers throughout one generation; one boy and one girl. You can switch between the two at any time, but depending on the task/scroll you're on or part of the story you're in, you cannot switch characters.

Generation System

After you finish the first part of the game, you get to play as two new wandoliers: another boy and girl pair, accompanied by their two friends Sydney and Seymour. Your previous two wandoliers are no-longer playable, but can still be seen as NPC's.

Interests System

Sims (including yours) have one loved interest, two liked interests and one disliked interest. This is made possible because of the wider array of interests, compared to the first MySims, MySims Kingdom, and MySims Agents. The amount of interests is simmilar to the amount in MySims Kingdom. You get to choose the interests of your sims as well.

Clothing System

You can change your clothes at mirrors and your ship, like in MySims Kingdom and MySims Agents. The clothing and outfits are sorted in "boutiques" like in MySims Kingdom and MySims Agents. Like in the past DS games, you can choose your shirt and bottoms seperate from each other; whereas in the past Wii games, you can only wear outfits. There is also an option to wear outfits, which includes ALL outfits from past Wii and DS games. You can also choose other sims' clothes, like in the first MySims Wii.


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Concept Art

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Sydney MSKGC-concept Seymour MSKGC-concept Msk-ney-concept-art1


  • Unlike previous MySims games, the DS version is exactly the same as the Wii, XBOX, and PS3 versions; just with lesser-quality graphics. On the 3DS, however, the graphics are still of great quality.

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