MSI DS Boxart
Developer(s) Tardisgirl98 Games/MySims TV & Potter Games
Publisher(s) Tardisgirl98 Productions/MySims TV & Potter Games
Release date Unknown
Genre Life Simulation, Sims
Mode(s) Single-player
Rating(s) RP
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS
Media Wii Optical Disc and Nintendo DS Game Card

MySims Islanders is available on the DS Platform.


The aim of the game is to help complete tasks for the people you live on Sims Island with however, whilst completing tasks for the other Sims, you stumble across a mysterious problem, which could be the making or breaking of Sims Island. Whilst resolving the problem, you must help restore and keep order in the world around you ...



This is the intro animation to the DS version.

After creating your Sim, a long-shot of Sims Island appears on the screen and your Sim says "I thought moving to Sims Island would be a nice place to start off my life, now I've left Sim City University-". The screen then shows you approaching the Island on a boat which docks at the Res-Q Centre and then you say "-little did I know what an adventure I was about to journey upon!"


When you arrive on the island, you are escorted to the Town Hall by Summer. In there Hopkins introduces you to the town, he's asks if you could do some voluntary work around the island for a while, which you say yes too. You then have to do two tasks for him in which he runs through how to build and paint for requests. After that, you are free to go around and ask people if they need your help and complete tasks for them. You can do up to two different tasks at any one time. Once you have completed everyone's tasks, you must complete a Final Task which is to make a special delivery to the Commander MorcuBot. This delivery is a cake from Charlie, which, without anyone knowing, is the making or breaking of Sims Island.


Coming Soon


D-Pad ~ Move player
A ~ Select/Interact
B ~ Use item (Changes depending on where you are in the game)
X ~ Map
Y ~ Task Book
L ~ Get on/off Skateboard
R ~ Jump
L & R together ~ Take a picture (only after camera is unlocked)
Start ~ Pause Menu
Select ~ Backpack
Stylus ~ Move player & Select/Interact


See also: Portal or the MySims Islanders Characters Category


See Also: Portal or the MySims Islanders Animals Category.


  • Cute - Cute
  • Elegant - Elegant
  • Fun - Fun
  • Geeky - Geeky
  • Nature - Nature
  • Spooky - Spooky
  • Studious - Studious
  • Tasty - Tasty


  • Aquatic Trait - Aquatic
  • Cake! Trait - Cake!
  • Evil Trait - Evil
  • Fast Trait - Fast
  • Feel the Beat Trait - Feel the Beat
  • Fine Eye Trait - Fine Eye
  • Flower Trait - Flower!
  • Foodie Trait - Foodie
  • Great Host Trait - Great Host
  • Handy Trait - Handy
  • Knowledge Trait - Knowledge
  • Mastermind Trait - Mastermind
  • Mermaid Trait - Mermaid
  • Rad Trait - Rad!
  • Sporty Trait - Sporty
  • Technophobe Trait - Technophobe
  • Tech Whizz Trait - Tech Whizz
  • Wise DS Trait - Wise


In the Backpack, there are various sections which you can use or view to help you with the game.


The Map section is where you can view the map of the island to help you navigate around it.


The Item section is where you can view all your current items. There will be:

  • Your Skateboard - Used to travel long distances, at a faster speed, at any time
  • Pickaxe - Used for Mining
  • Prospector - Used for Prospecting
  • Fertilizer - Used to Fertilize Trees
  • Camera - Used to take screenshots of the in game view
  • Any objects created but not placed in your home or given to others will also appear here.

Task Book

The Task Book is where you can view current and completed tasks and their associated information.

Essence Book

The Essence Book is where you can view all the essences you have collected and how many of each you currently have.

Blueprint & Decorative Book

The Blueprint Book is where you can view all the blueprints and decorations you have collected.


See Also: The MySims Islanders Areas Category

Sims Island

Sims Island is home to many residents and various attractions and areas, view the full list, here.


Minigames are short games that You can play, firstly as a task, but then again at anytime after unlocking it.



Once you complete all the tasks for a place, you are also given the music for that area. You can listen to all this music by going into the Radio Station during the day and going over to the DJ Desk. All the ones you've unlocked then come up in a list and you can listen to them from there.


Completing King Mike's task will grant you access to the Secret Cave. In here will be various pedestals upon which the figurines you have collected will appear. See here for specific information about how to unlock each figurine.

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