MySims Interstellar
Interstellar MySims WiiU
Developer(s) Leading Games
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Release date February 1, 2013 (NA)
February 10, 2013 (PAL)
February 15, 2013 (JAP)
Genre Adventure
Mode(s) Single Player
Rating(s) E for Everyone
Platform(s) Wii U
Xbox 360
Playstation 3
Media Game disc

MySims Interstellar is the seventh installment of the MySims series, and the sixth adventure game in the series. The game was released on February 1, 2013 in North America, February 10, 2013 in PAL regions and February 15, 2013 in Japan. The game is the first game in the series that the player's actions influence the story.


The year is 2105 and the citizens of Earth have advanced and been travelling through space on a daily basis. The evil MorcuCorp have taken control of the skies, and monitor the traffic of the cosmos.

You start off as a person who wants to join an intergalactic agency. Depending on your actions, you can join the SimStars, MorcuCorp or the Super Intergalactic Code Knights, all with different intentions.


The SimStars are protectors of the universe, and a prestigious group that fight against MorcuCorp. They also travel to many planets, and help people by ridding the planet of MorcuCorp employees. Few dogfights occur. The SimStars are run by Commander Shepard and Justice. Their colour is blue, and are joined when you are "Good".

If you join the SimStars, you start off as a recruit and travel to planets. You join two veterans to the team.


MorcuCorp is a group of villains run by Morcubus. The company does many dogfights against the Super Intergalactic Code Knights, as well as carrying out evil plans on various planets against the SimStars. Their colour is red, and are joined when you are "Evil".

If you join MorcuCorp, you start off as a "Bot" and work alongside two MorcuBots and start off mostly doing dogfights.


The Super Intergalactic Code Knights are the basic police who patrol space. Although the members are hired by MorcuCorp, they do not technically work with them. They usually do dogfights, and rarely go down to planets to help people. The S.I.C.K. are the only faction to do "Space Chases", in which you must beat a robber (usually MorcuCorp employee) to a specific area in a race. The faction's colour is purple, and is joined when you are "Neutral".

If you join S.I.C.K., you start off as an officer and work alongside of two rookies who join after you. The leader of the faction is Walker.


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