MySims Ghost Hunters is a videogame by Vaulklen6 Productions. It is set to be released on the Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox Kinect, Playstation Move, and the Nintendo DS. The game is Rated T for Teen with Violence, Language, Dialogue, and Gore, but with the exception for the DS, which is rated E 10+ with Cartoon Violence, Moderate Dialogue, and Moderate Language.


MySims Ghost Hunters has 2 parts.

The Game starts with an elderly Buddy telling a story about You saving the City from Ghosts and you try to stop Morcubus and his gang sucking up the ghosts and the mysterious ghost, Cassandra. You try to find ghosts everywhere with your partners, Ray, Goth Boy, and Violet. With a little help from them, you could be a really good Ghost Hunter!

Part 2 of the Game starts with Ray and Goth Boy outside Ray's apartment arguing about who is the greatest Ghost Hunter. Then as Goth Boy confessed that he's the owner of his Ghost Hunting club, Ray decided to quit and not be Goth Boy's friend anymore. You will have to continue finding ghosts with only Goth Boy and Violet and reunite Goth Boy and Ray's friendship!


Goth Boy, Violet Nightshade, Ray, Morcubus, Brandi, Esma, Poppy, Leaf, Petal (Part 2), Chef Gino Deliciouso, Preston Winthrop Esquire (Part 1), Beebee (Part 1: Clothing in MySims and MySims Party), Travis (Part 2), Dr. F, Chaz McFreely, Summer, Derek, Makoto (Part 2), Proto-Makoto (Part 1), Professor Nova, Alexa Lexington (Part 1), Billy, Sheriff Ginny (Different Clothing), DJ Candy "Supergroove", Sapphire, Zack, Blaine, Crystal (Part 2), Eliza, Chancellor Ikara, Hopper, Star, Samurai Bob (Part 2), Tad "Flipper McCaffrey (Part 1), Wendalyn, Lord Daniel (Part 2), King Roland (Part 2), Duchess Beverly (Part 2), Princess Butter (Part 2), Sir Spencer (Part 2), Rob Jarrett (Part 1), Brendan (Part 1), Gertrude Spackle, Clara Belle, Patrick Rhino, Maria, Noelle (Part 1), Grandma Ruthie, Elliot Horjet Roshmanov, Stanley Curtin, Forcubus, Cassandra, Raphael, Rose, Dragomir (Part 2), Sylvia, Dark Ray, Svetlana, Hopper, Dark Violet Nightshade, Dark Goth Boy


Main Street:

Main Street Construction Site (Part 1)

MorcuCity Bank (Part 2)

Gino's Pizzeria

MorcuCity Forest

City Hall

The Cultural Museum of Jeremy Snoars

Shirley's Hair n' Nails

Evelyn's House


Agent Ave.:

SPA Headquarters

Goth Boy's House

Violet's House

Sim High School

Ray's Apartment

The Belle House

MorcuCity Hotel

Trucking Pat: Construct and Trucking Co. HQ

SimWaters Factory

SkyForce Headquarters (Part 1)

SIm Elementary School

Sim Middle School

Industrial District:

Club Candy

Dr. F's Lab

MorcuCity Bridge


Ruthie's Cookie Factory


The City's Surf Shop

The City's Tattoo Parlor

The Beach

The Secret Lab

King Morculiac (Part 2)

MorcuCorp Headquarters (Part 2)

MorcuCity Grand Stadium

All-Star Trailers

Sim Studios


Cassandra's Hideout

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