This is the story for MySims Galaxy Wii.


'*A room shows up with four young children in it, one is eating a mayonaise sandwich, one is playing with a flower, one's sleeping on the floor and the other has crawled behind a tall plant pot*

Mother Nightshade: *enters the room* POPPY!!! *the girl playing with a flower looks at her* Come her! I need you.

Poppy: ... *carries on playing with the flower*

'*the room shakes*

Violet: *wakes up and starts crying*

Edwin: *stops eating*

You: *giggle*

Mother: *runs to the window, screen goes to the window. Outside of the window, a MorcuCorp ship is hovering in the sky shooting flame balls to the ground* I knew it would happen. Sooner or later. *opens near-by cupboard, and pulls out Séance mat, which she places on the floor and starts to Séance*

Violet: *stops crying* Ooh! *crawls over to mat*

Cassandra (human): *appears* Yes, Luna.

Edwin and Poppy: *drops the items their holding*

Mother: It's time.

Cassandra: No!

Mother: Yes, now start the process.

Cassandra: *casts spell and Wendalyn appears*

Wendalyn: What. I was in the midd-

Mother: It's time. Take Edwin home, send us to our reserve galaxy, and ... *looks at the plant pot*

Wendalyn: I'll sort something. *starts casting spells*

Edwin: *vanishes*

Mother: Good, we shall met again Cassandra.

Cassandra: Goodbye. Remember the ... *vanishes*

Wendalyn: *casts second spell where Mother, Violet and Poppy all vanish* And ... *fire ball land outside of the house*

You: *giggles*

Wendalyn: *waves hand and you are sitting in a baby car seat* *casts spell and you and her vanish*

'*screen shows a land of white, You and Wendalyn appear*

Wendalyn: *summons floating kettle and cup*

'*whilst her backs turned, You crawl away into a green glowing portal*

'*screen goes to a street, where Elmira, Barney and Ol' Gabby are walking towards you*

Gabby: And what little tiddler do we have here?

Elmira: A little kid, awwwwwwww, how sweet!

Barney: What do you suppose he's doing.

Elmira: Dunno, let's take him home, this place is abandoned, Mira could do with a friend. Any way, there's something different about this little kid, they could be useful in times to come.

Barney: All right. *they pick up the car seat and walk into the distance*


You create your Sim, same as usual.


'*screen goes to the Control Room, inside are Barney, Elmira, Lily, Iggy and Gabby. Barney looks agitated.*

Mira: FOUND HIM! *Mira and You enter* Here he is.

You: What's wrong Barney?

Barney: This is the problem.

'*screen goes to a picture of Roland's head*

Roland: Hello, is this working *whisper in the background* Ah, right. Help! MorcuCorp is trying to take over my kingdom. I need your help to stop them, the whole universe is in danger. Your our best hope, I need you to go out and undo the damage done by MorcuCorp, then defeat them for once and for all.

'*screen goes back to the Control Room*

Barney: So, we need to go and protect the universe, any questions? *silence* Then let's get ready.

'*clip ends*

'*You are standing in the laundary*

Lily: *explains how to control your sim* Now, just go over to the portal and then you can start your adventure.

[If you try to leave the Laundary, Lily says "Hang on, we haven't started yet, you've got to start before we take a break!" Once you enter the portal, a map appears, on the map are three galaxies listed, they are: the Raceway Galaxy, the Lunar Lab Galaxy, and the Ninja Jutsus Galaxy. Only the Raceway galaxy doesn't have a locked symbol on it, instead it has a alert symbol on it. You then have to click on Raceway Galaxy.]

Raceway Galaxy (1)

'*clip, screen goes to a dusty area, in the background, you can hear a car engine*

You: There's no-one here but ... *camera zooms over into the distance*

Summer: 3, 2, 1, GO!!! *waves flag, and four cars set off* *camera zooms back to where You are*

You: Oh my ... *four cars goes past* Phew.

'*clip ends. You are standing at the edge of a race-course. The info box, says "Go and speak to Sir Charles, it looks like he needs a hand*

[You then have to go and speak to Sir Charles.]

Charles: Hey! Looks like we've got a kid around! I'm Sir Charles. Don't suppose your any good at racing, huh?

You: I've never tried but ...

Charles: Well, let's get you trained up. You probably want to ask Ginny. She'll get you trained and ready in no time. Why don't you go and speak to her now.

[You then have to walk over to Ginny, the only other person there is Sir Charles, if you speak to Sir Charles he says "Go on, don't be shy."]

Ginny: Well now, who are you?

You: [player name]. Sir Charles, sent me over. He said you could train me to race.

Ginny: Cool! Well let's get started ...

'*screen changes to you in a car, stationary on the racecourse.

Yellow box at the top of the screen: Press 2 to accelerate, and use the nunchuk to steer, to boost, collect the f-energy crystals and press B to boost. Go on!*

Ginny: Ready ... good! We'll have a race to prove you've taken it in!

[lights appear at the top of the screen, they go from red, through yellow, and to green. You then race against Ginny. If you lose to Ginny, she says "Oh well, come back and try again later." If you speak to her, you go through the above. If you pass, you continue]

'*Ginny, Charles and You are standing, looking at each other*

Ginny: He's a natural, Sir!

Charles: Indeed! Well, now your trained up. You can join in the races! We could do with a new racer. Go speak to Summer, when your ready.

[You then have to speak to Summer, and Summer, Ginny and Sir Charles are the only people there, if you run off, Sir Charles says "Hay kid, don't run off just yet, we're gonna race!", if you speak to either Ginny or Sir Charles, they say "I can't help, speak to Summer to check she's ready, then we can race!"]

You: Are you ready Summer?

Summer: Oh no! I can't find my flag anywhere, I don't suppose you can find it for me? It's probably somewhere on the track.

You: Sure, I'll go and find it for you.

Summer: Thanks, [player name]! Your the best!

'*screen changes to you in your car. The yellow box says, collect all 20 flags on the racecourse in 45 seconds*

[You then have to collect them, if you fail, Summer says "Oh. Well have a look again." and you repeat the task.]

Summer: Thanks! Now we can race!

You: I'll just go and give Sir Charles, the all clear.

Summer: Sure, tell him I'm right ready.

[You then have to speak Sir Charles. Only him and Summer are around. If you speak to Summer, she says "Go on. Tell him I'm ready!"]

You: Sir, she's ready.

Charles: Good, now I believe Mel's running this tournament. So, let's start the tournament.

'*You then are in your car, at a standstile, along with, Goth Boy, Ginny and Sir "Ace" Charles.*

Mel: I'm glad you've all made it here today. This tournament consists of two races. So, without further ado, over to Summer to start the race ...

Summer: 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... GO!!!

[You then start racing. After you complete the first race, everyone is standing to the side of the race course.]

Mel: It was a good first race, guys. Now, I need to go clean my sarcohagus, when your ready, for the next round, I'll be in my apartment. *walks off*

Charles: Well done, kid. Not bad for your first race ...

You: Thanks!

[You then have to speak to Mel, to continue the cup. Everyone else is ouside near the aparments, if you speak to them, they say:

Goth Boy: Hi, I guess. I ... never mind ...

Charles: Come on, kid go tell Mel we're ready. I'm ready to go!

Ginny: I've got a good chance to win! I mean, I have to get around quickly to put out fires, and it's in my blood.

Summer: Thanks again, [player name]. I'm really greatful for what you did for me.]

You: We're ready.

Mel: We're all ready? Good, I'll go and start the final race.

[You then race again]

'*Everyone is gathered around a podium, Mel is standing at it*

Mel: In fourth place is ... [4th placed contestant]! Good effort though. In third is ... ... [3rd placed contestant]! Well done! In second place is ... ... ... [2nd placed contestant]! You were very close. So, by the power of deduction, in first is [1st placed contestant]! Congratulations! *everyone cheers* And, that's the end of this cup.

'*screen changes to You and Charles facing each other*

You: Thanks for leting me participate!

Charles: That's okay, kid. Anytime, now you best be getting off home.

You: Well, if I can help, just call.

Charles: Thanks, kid.

[You then disappear in a flash of green light]

Charles: *falls over* WHOA!!!

'*screen changes to the Laundary. Inside is Lily and Mira*

Mira: When will [player name] be back?

Lily: I don't know ... *You appear* Your questioned is answered, Miss Cull.

Mira: [player name]!!!

You: Hey guys.

Lily: Hello. Barney will want to see you. You should go now.

You: Sure, I'll make my way there.

[You then have to go to the Control Room. Everyone who works on the Observatory is in there key rooms, apart from Mira, whose in the Laundary. They say:

Mira: Glad to see you back! Anyway, you should go and speak to daddy.

Lily: Go on, he's waiting for a report.

Gabby: Ol' Barney will be waiting for you, in that Ol' Control Room. You better be gettin' you own ol' self up there.

Iggy: Hey, man. I'm hungary, you are probably hungary as well. After your adventure.

Elmira: Shhh! You should be getting up to Barney, and quietly!]

Barney: [player name]! How did it go?

You: Quite well. They taught me how to race a racecar.

Barney: And did you do anything for them?

You: Oh, yeah ... loads. I found a load of thngs they'd lost and stuff.

Barney: Good, now it looks like another galaxy is in trouble, they're accessable via the laundary.

You: I be on my way now.

[You then have to go to the Laundary. Everyone else except Mira says "Come on, the residents are waiting." Mira says "Good luck, [player name]! Now hurry ... there's people out there that need your help." You have to get to the galaxy selection point.]

'*screen shows the galaxy selection screen, only Ninja Jutsus Galaxy has the padlock on it. The Lunar Lab Galaxy has an alert mark on it*

Lunar Lab Galaxy (1)

'*clip, You are walking towards a lab, when suddenly, there's an boom and a lot of vibrations*

You: WHAT THE ...

'*clip ends, You are standing next to the lab*

[You have to walk into the lab, as there is nowhere else to go. When You enter, there are four people gathered in the middle of the room.]

Nova: DR. F!!!

Dr. F: Yes mam.


Dr. F: Only put the some of the rockets test fuel onto the crate over there. It fell over and leaked into the crate, and BOOM! Now I need to go and find some monkeys!

Billy: Only ...

Nova: YES, BUT HOW COULD YOU *sees you* Hello, welcome to our lab, you'll have to excuse the state, because Dr. F over there ...


Nova: Is blowing things up, that shouldn't be blown up. However, why don't you check out the library, Fred will escort you to there.

Fred: Sure. Come on kid this way. *leads you through a doorway, down a corridor, and stands outside a door. You automatically follow* Welcome to my sister's library. *You and Fred enter*

'*there are books everywhere scattered all over the floor*

Brownie: UGH! This is such a mess! And we have visiters. Oh my ...

Fred: Don't worry Brownie. Me and [playername] will help you.

You: Sure.

Brownie: Thanks!

[You then play a minigame similar to Rack the Stack, just twenty books are on the floor, and there's no obstacles. You and Fred have to put the books in the right shelves, against the clock.]

You: We're done!

Brownie: Wow! Thanks you two, I know who to call on next time.

Fred: Yeah. Now, we better go back to the main lab. They probably need some help there to!

You: See ya, Brownie.

Brownie: Bye, guys.

'*You and Fred walk back to the main lab, in it is Professor Nova and Billy*

Nova: Right, now we've cleaned up, we can continue working.

Billy: Hi guys!

You: Hi Billy.

Fred: Hay.

Nova: Oh, your back! Well we now going to ... DR. F!!!

Fred: What's he done now?

Nova: He's blasted all our plans out of the window and they're now outside! I need someone who can drive around the area, and collect all the papers.

You: I can drive, I'll do it.

Nova: You will?

You: Sure!

Nova: Thanks, now hurry!

[You have to race around and collect the pages. If you fail to do it in the time-limit, Prof. Nova says "Come on, you can do it. Just collect the pages!"]

Nova: Thanks, [player name].

You: That's okay.

Nova: Now, I'll leave Fred with them to sort out and work on them.

Fred: Wha? *Nova and Billy leave* Oh, man.

You: Well ...

Fred: Hey! I don't suppose you could help resort the papers, could you?

You: Okay, I'll give it a go.

[You then have to put the thirty sheets of paper into the right place (It's a puzzle). There is no time limit.]

Fred: Thanks. Now I can get to work.

'*Billy walks in*

Billy: I see you've resorted the plans.

Fred: Yep.

Billy: Were they all plans for our project?

Fred: Yep.

Billy: Darn! All my telescope plans are missing.

Fred: Yep ... hang on, what?

Billy: My plans ... Hey, [player name]. Could you find them for me? They're probably somewhere inside the lab.

You: Sure.

Billy: Thanks!

[You then have to find all eight peices of paper lying around the lab, in the corridor, or in the library. If you speak to someone, they say:

Billy (In the Lab): Come on. They must be somewhere.

Nova (In the Library): Billy's telescope plans? Haven't seen them myself. Sorry.

Brownie (In the Library): Plans? I found a peice of paper with a telescope on it over by the door. That might be one.

Fred (In the Lab): Sorry, can't talk. Got to get this sorted.

Once you find them]

Billy: Thanks, [player name]!

You: That's ok.

Nova: *enters* Thanks for your help. We appreciate it.

You: That's ok. I better be heading back to my place. Bye.

Everyone: *waves*

'*You walk out of the lab. Screen changes to the laundry, where you appear*

You: I love that travel! *walks out of Laundary*

Observatory Task (1)


Barney: Did it go well?

You: Yes. I really enjoy doing this stuff.

Barney: Good! Now, Mira wants to see you so head over to the Kitchen.

You: Ok. *you walk off, screen changes to the Kitchen, You enter*

Mira: Oh hey, [player name]! Could you bring me a few red apples, please?

You: Sure.

Mira: Your the Best!

[You then have to collect ten red apples from the garden. If you speak to someone, they say:

Barney: Red Apples, eh? There's a load in the garden.

Elmira: SH! If you need some apples go to the garden! If you need a book, come to the library!

Mira: Please, [player name].

Gabby: Could you order a ... sorry, wrong person.

Lily: Go on. Just help the sweet little girl.

Iggy: Apples. Mmm, I love apple sandwiches!]

Mira: You got them?

You: Just as you asked.

Mira: THANKS! *hugs you* Now, on with the cooking.

[You then have to walk to the Laundary. The Sims say:

Lily, Mira + Elmira: Come on, to the next place!

Barney: Thanks for helping her out, [player name].

Gabby: Rootin' Tootin'! Well done, for helpin' her out.

Iggy: Sandwiches!]

You: Here goes. [Select the Ninja Jutsus Galaxy as it has the exclamation mark on it]

Ninja Jutsus Galaxy (1)

'*clip, you are standing in the middle of nowhere, when three ninjas land behind you*

You: ACK!

'*clip ends*

Kage: ...

Link: He means, who are you and what do you want?

You: Nothing! I'm just coming to help out places after MorcuCorp started attacking the Universe.

Link: Hmm ... we'll have to take you to our leader.

Jimmy: But, is it safe?

Kage: Hmm ... let's test him/her to see if he's/she's worthy. The first trial awaits.

[You have to make your way through the course within the time limit, punching through or jumping over wooden obstacles, and jumping over stone obstacles. If you fail Kage says, you aren't ready, speak to me once you're ready to prove yourself. Link and Jimmy say (If you speak to them): "... well?"]

Kage: Hmm ... you passed that well, but I wonder how you'll fare later ...

Link: Time for the second trial.

[You have to race against Link in a head-to-head running race. Running through food gives you a temporarial speed burst, but running through a skull or through some mud slows you down temporarily. If you fail, Link says: "When you're ready." Kage says: "Hm ..." and Jimmy says: "Come on. You'll be better of if you do!"]

Link: Well done! You're fairing well.

Kage: But now for the final trial ... Jimmy, show us that you can do it.

Jimmy: Okay, here we go ...

[You have to punch your way through as many blocks as possible within 30 seconds. If you get more than 35 you pass, if not you fail and Jimmy says: "Speak to me when you're ready" and Link says: "Come on. You can do it" And Kage says "..."]

Jimmy: Wow, you'e good. You could be a ninja you know.

Link: But, anyway off to meet our leader.

You: Cool! *you all walk off into the distance. Screen changes to show Star sittting at the top of some steps*

Star: Thanks Zoe.

Zoe: Anytime. *You, Link, Jimmy and Kage enter* Finally! You're back. And who's this you've brought with you?

You: My name is [player name].

Zoe: Oh *goes over to the fire and sits looking at it*

Star: What do you seek?

You: To help out galaxies that have had to put up with MorcuCorp.

Star: Okay, and who has sent you?

You: King Roland.

Star: King Roland! You know King Roland?

You: Yes, I work for a group of people who work for him.

Star: WOW! Don't worry guys, he's no foe.

Jimmy: Should I *Zoe screams in horror* ZOE! *everyone else runs over*

Link: What did you see?

Zoe: Morcubus! He-he-'s plan-n-ning an at-t-tack on some where.

'*clip (Through Zoe's eyes)*

Zoe: *sees in flames, that Morcubus is points to an area on a map, says prepare yourselves for the attack and laughs.Somewhere, where y-y-you *turns and points at You* come from.
Morcubus Fire

Zoe's prediction.

You: Me! *cell phone rings* Excuse me, I'll need to take this. *in phone* Hello?

Barney: Quick! We need you back as fast as you can. MorcuCorp ships incoming.

You: Kay, I'm on my way. *puts phone away*

Star: Who was it.

You: It's my "boss". He said that a MorcuCorp ship is incoming. So, I'll need to go, but I'll revisit some time after.

Star: We hope you fare well.

Jimmy: Actually ... Could I come?

[Everyone else freezes]

Jimmy: I mean, you guys here have been the best and cared for me and trained me up. So, now I want to help.

Star: Okay. Jimmy, you've been the best and are welcome to visit anytime.

Jimmy: I will Star. You guys have been the best.

Star: Arrr, thanks. But anyway, [player name] needs to get going so of you go. [player name], I hope our paths cross again.

You: Same, and Star ...

Star: Yes?

'*You and Jimmy disappear in a flash of green light*

Star: Oh. Anyway, time for a cuppa!

Dragomir's Speedy Enterance

'*back at the Observatory, in the Laundary*

Lily: *You and Jimmy appear* Thank god you're back. We've been waiting. And you've brought someone with you. Anyway, we find out about him later. Barney's waiting at the bridge of the Observatory. Hurry!

[You have to go to Barney. Lily and Jimmy follow you around. If you try to enter a galaxy portal or go off in a different direction Lily says "Come on, he wants you now!"]

Barney: Just in time, a ship's coming within sight.

'*clip of MorcuCorp ship flying towards the Observatory, everyone on the Observatory is on the bridge, watching*

???: Muhahahaha!

Barney: Whose there?

???: Me ... *Dragomir steps out onto the Observatory*

Barney: And you are?

Dragomir: The one and only Dragomir.

Barney: What do you want?

Dragomir: I been sent to come and take over your ship.

You: NO! Never!

Barney: Hush, [player name]. And how do you expect to do that?

Dragomir: Well ... that's for me to know and you to find out *smirks*

You: You'll never take over! I'll take you on in a challenge!

Mira: Careful [player name]!

You: Well?

Dragomir: I accept!

You: How about a little race?

Dragomir: Yes, that sounds good. How about a little trip to a galaxy not far from here.

Barney: Where?

Dragomir: You'll find out soon enough!

You: So you accept?

Dragomir: Yes. *shakes hands with You* Hehe! Come aboard and get yourself comfy by the window. It will probably be your last time seeing it.

Mira: [player name]!

You: Don't worry Mira. It'll be fine. *climb aboard Dragomir's ship*

Dragomir: Muhahahaha! Let's go. *ships flies away*

Iggy: Aw, man! That's a blow ... anyone for a sandwich?

Lily: Oh my ... *facepalms*

Raceway Galaxy (2)

'*clip* *In the Raceway Galaxy*

Charles: *sitting in a deckchair reading a book* Hm ... I love the peace and quiet. *a loud engine noise is in the background* Aw, chucks! Never a moment of quiet. *MorcuCorp ship zooms over his head and lands ahead of him* YOWZA! *door opens and out steps Dragomir and You* Hey you two! Do you mind just coming and landing this ... this ... big thing in the middle of our racecourse!

Dragomir: Hush, old man.

You: We need to race. Part of the universe is depending on this race.

Charles: ... Okay ... Well in that case, remember what we taught you.

Dragomir: Taught by an old man?! Ha!

You: He's better than he looks.

Dragomir: Quit the small talk and let's race.

[You then have to race (in cars) against Dragomir. If you fail you just restart the race.]

Dragomir: Damn! I was so gonna win! Now Morcubus will be mad! Anyway, [player name]. This isn't the last you'll see of me or in fact, MorcuCorp. We'll be back! Muhahahaha! *enters ship and flies away*

Charles: Oh ...

You: Long story.

Charles: I see ... anyway, well done.

You: Thanks.


Charles: We better go and see what's wrong. *in Goth Boy's apartment* What's wrong?

Goth Boy: These ... these ... bunnies have come in ... they're so ... so ... cute!

Charles: And ...

Goth Boy: Please, [player name]. Catch them and take them out of here.

You: Okay ... is that all that's wrong?

Goth Boy: Um ... yeah.

You: Cool.

Goth Boy: Totally not cool. Get them ... out!

[You have to chase them around his apartment. Once you've caught all three rabbits they say:]

Goth Boy: Thanks, [player name]. You've really helped.

You: That's ok, anytime.

Charles: Well now we're all sorted, let's set up the next championship.

You: Cool.

Summer: *enters* There you are Sir Charles! I've been looking everywhere. Cause a big ship landed and took off and yeah.

Charles: I know all about it, dear. Now, speak to me once you're ready to start the championship.

[You then have to speak to Sir Charles to start the championship.]

Charles: Ready? Good, let's start.

[You begin the three race championship, there are no breaks in it. There are five racers, Sir Charles, Ginny, Goth Boy, Mel and You. You need to come in the top three to continue. If you come:

5th - Charles: Never mind. Just come and talk to me again to retry it.

4th - Charles: Not bad. But, come and speak to me when you're ready to retry. You need to get in the top three.

3rd - Well done! You did well [player name].

2nd - Brilliant! You were so close!

1st - Congratulations! You won!]

You: Thanks.

Mel: Well it's been great racing with you.

You: Why thank you!

Summer *comes running over* [player name]!

You: Yes.

Summer: I need some help! It's in my apartment!

You: I'm coming. Lead the way. *You and Summer run of the edge of the screen*

'*In Summer's apartment*

Summer: Look!

You: What's wrong?

Summer: There! *points to a MorcuCorp badge on her bed*

You: WHOA! There must be more in here.

Summer: Can you find them for me?

You: Sure. I'll start now.

[You have to search Summer's apartment for seven other badges. If you try to leave the room, she says: "Hang on, [player name]! There's still some to find!"]

Summer: Thanks, [player name]!

You That's ok. Now, I need to go and find Sir Charles.

Summer: He's probably in his apartment.

You: Thanks. [You then have to go and find Sir Charles in his apartment]

Charles: Hello kid. Thanks for everything you've done for us.

You: It was no problem. Is there anything else you need done?

Charles: No, not really.

You: Well, in that case I guess I should be heading back. But, I'll come and revisit sometime.

Charles: Good. Well goodbye.

You: Bye. *dissapear in a flash of green light*

Charles: Hm *sneezes*

'*back in the laundary*

You: *appear*

Lily: Oh hi.

You: Hi.

Lily: Go well?

You: Yeah.

Lily: Good.

You: Yeah.

Lily: You going off again?

You: Yeah.

Lily: Where?

You: Yeah ... I mean to the Lunar Lab Galaxy.

Lily: Sounds good.

You: Yeah.

Lily: Shouldn't you be going?

You: Yeah.

Lily: Bye then ... I guess.

You: Yeah ... bye. [You go to the galaxy selection page, where the Lunar Lab Galaxy has an exclamation mark on it. You need to choose it.]

Lunar Lab Galaxy (2)

'*the screen changes to Nova, Billy and Fred standing around the tab in the middle of the main lab*

Nova: Well ... I suppose so. *You enter* Oh hey, [player name]!

You: Hi. You guys all alright?

Billy: Yeah.

Fred: Yep.


Nova: Dr. F! We have a guest.

Dr. F: POSTMAN! Have you got my package of flying Rabbit-Chipmunks?

Billy: Mr. F. There's no such thing as a Rabbit-Chipmunk.

Dr. F: Um ... I knew that. So, what do you want ... hang on ... It's [player name]! WELCOME BACK! *hugs you*

You: Um ... hi?

Dr. F: I need some help [player name]. Could you help me?

You: Sure, what's wrong?

Dr. F: I need a load of spare parts. Use this to extract them. *gives you the extractor* Off you go. Meet me in the second lab once you've done.

[You the have to go round and extract five sets of spare parts from mecanical machinery. If you speak to someone whilst doing it, they say:

Fred: Spare parts? How about that vending machine over there?

Dr. F: Please hurry my chipmunk pal!

Brownie: Maybe there's some in that gizmo I have to keep in here. Honestly, it ruins the appearance of the library!

Billy: Maybe in that funny kart outside?

Nova: Spare parts. Probably in the vending machine.]

'*in the second lab*

Dr. F: Finally! Yippee! I'm happy! Yes, thank you [player name].

You: That's ok.

Billy: *enters* Professor Nova wants to see you!

You: Ok, I'm coming. *you leave the lab, screen changes to first lab*

Nova: [player name]. I need you to help Billy and Fred by carrying these blocks with them outside.

You: Sure. Let's go.

[You have to carry ten blocks from the door of the lab to the launch site within a minute. If you fail you just try again.]

Billy: Thanks!

Fred: Yep, now we can get to work on it.

You: On what?

Fred: You'll see.

Dr. F: [player name]! Could you come in, please.

You: Sure.

[You have to walk over and enter the lab.]

Dr. F: You're here. I need you to help me assemble these parts.

You: Sure, let's get them put together.

[You then have to put the parts together following a black image on the background.]

Dr. F: Oh, thank you! She's nearly ready to roll!

You: SHE'S?

Dr. F: You'll see later.

Fred: *enters* Hey, [player name]! Could you get a book from the library and meet me up by the launch pad please?

You: Sure.

[You have to speak to Brownie to get a book, and then meet Fred up by the lauch pad. Once you've got the book, Brownie says: "Now go and see my brother. He's up by the launch pad"]

Fred: You've got it! Thanks!

Billy: Now, we can assemble the rocket!

Dr. F: TA DA! *walks on screen* I've made her! The new, ultra strong, Makoto!

Makoto: Greetings! I go build rocket!

Billy: Dr. F? Can she build the rocket for us?

Dr. F: Sure! I'll ask [player name] to control her.

You: Okay, I'll give it a go.

[You then have to control Makoto to build the rocket. You press A to pick up a block and A to place it. There are steps to help you reach the higher parts.]

Billy: Finally! It's together!

Fred: Wow!

Billy: Thanks. Without you, none of this would of happened.

Makoto: Inizalizing fussy mode ... OH NO! My outfit is dirty!

Dr. F: *shrugs* Not my fault!

Billy: Thanks.

You: I better be going now. Bye!

'*screen changes to you arriving in the Laundary*

You: I love that travelling. Now to the next place. [You then have to select the Ninja Jutsus Galaxy.]

Ninja Jutsus Galaxy (2)

You: *enter the temple building*

Star: [player name]!

You: Hi, how are you guys.

Star: Not so good.

You: What's wrong?

Link: We've been receiving messages from somewhere but we can't find out where! Could you help us?

You: Sure!

Star: Follow me and I'll show you where it is. *leads you to a computer* Well ... we are twenty-first century ninjas.

[You then have to hack into the computer to find out where the signals coming from. It's the same as hacking in MySims Agents.]

Star: Thanks, [player name]!

You: That's ok. It's coming from somewhere to the north of here.

Star: Well we better go and investigate what it is. I'll get ready to go. You'll come with me, right?

You: Sure!

Star: And we'll take Kage with us. Go check that everyone else is ok. Then we'll go.

[You have to speak to everyone to find out if they're alright. They say:

Link: Yeah, I'm fine.

Kage: Sure, I'll come.]

Zoe: (Once you ask her) Well, I've lost my favourite crystal ball. Can you find it for me?

You: Yeah, sure!

Zoe: I last had it outside but I got destracted by You coming on the radar and have never seen it since! Can you find it for me, please?

You: Okay, I'll look outside now.

[You have to find her crystal ball which is outside.]

Zoe: Thank you, [player name].

You: That's ok.

Star *comes over* We're ready now.

You: Let's go, then.

'*screen changes to You, Star and Kage walking up to a small building*

Star: So this is where it's coming from.

You: Yeah.

Star: Let's go in.

Kage: Hang on. It might be booby-trapped. [player name]'s got good agility. Maybe he can dodge the booby-traps and flick that switch over there, which should disable them.

Star: ... that was a lot.

You: I'll give it my best shot.

[You then have to complete the task. You are running across at a constant speed and when a hole appears in front of you, you have to jump over it by swinging you wii remote upwards.]

Star: Bravo!

Kage: Hmph.

Star: Right! Let's go in! *You, Star and Kage walk in*

'*inside, in the dark*

Kage: Well?

You: It's seems to be just a corridor.

Star: Ye ... *lights come on* No, it's a corridor with rooms around it.

You: Let's check in each one.

[You then have to look in each of the rooms. The room at the end is followed by:]


You: *enter room* Hello?

???: *they run out a back door, loud slamming noise*

'*Star and Kage run in*

Star: What happened?

You: Someone's just run out the door.

Star: Let's follow them then!

'*You, Star and Kage run outside*

Star: Where are they?

???: Muhahahaha! *car drives off into the sunset*

You: DARN!

Kage: We lost them.

Star: Let's go and investigate inside.

'*back inside*

Star: The computer!

You: *go over to it* What's this?

Star: I dunno. Try and find out, me and Kage will look around see if we can find any other clues.

[You then have to hack into the computer to close down the signal beam.]

You: Done!

Star: Good now me and Kage have searched this place top to toe and haven't found any clues as to who might be controlling her. This is the only thing we found. *screen goes to her hand holding a small MorcuCorp badge, then back*

You: How did I guess?

Star: You know them?

You: Yeah, it's the group Jimmy's come to help us fight against.

Star: Oh, right.

Kage: Well, I guess now you've stopped this, it's time for you to go.

You: Yeah, I suppose.

Star: I'll miss you though.

You: Thanks for training me, send my appreaciation to Link and Zoe please.

Kage: We will.

You: Bye. *disappear*

Star: Just in time for tea *exits room*

'*back at the Observatory, in the Laundary*

Lily: He's been away for ages ...

You: *appear* Hey.

Lily: Hello [player name]. Mira's just finished making her apple pie.

You: Mmm.

Lily: But, before you start eating, you might as well go and report to Barney.

You: Okay, I will.

[You then have to go a see Barney.]

Barney: Hey kid.

You: Hi, what's the problem.

Barney: It's not really a problem. We've just come in range of some more galaxies. You can access them via the Kitchen.

You: Okay, I'll go and see who's there and help them out.

Barney: Thanks.

[You then have to go to the Kitchen. If you speak to anyone, they say:

Barney, Elmira, Lily and Gabby: Go see what galaxies need help, and help them please!

Jimmy: Hey, I love being on here. It's briiliant!

Iggy: Sandwiches.

Mira: Hey, [player name]. Where're you going now?]

[There are the galaxies, the Snack Time Galaxy have the ! mark on. You need to go there.]

Snack Time Galaxy (1)

'*clip, you are walking down the street when suddenly you hear:*

???(1): NO! Look what you've done!

???(2): It was your fault!

???(1): Yours!

???(2): Yours! Now what's he gonna think!

You: Oh dear.

'*clip ends*

You: *enter the diner*

???(1): OH NO! He's here and it's all a mess!

You: Excuse me, but who are you?

???(1): Oh ... sorry, thought you were someone else. Now my name's Maria and that's Karine.

Karine: Hello!

Maria: And this is our Snack Diner. Sorry about the mess, it's Karine's fault!

Karine: Hey! It's yours too!

Maria: But you ...

You: Hey, hey, hey. I'm [player name] and I'll help you clear up. Cause it sounds like someone important's coming.

Maria: Thanks! We'll start with the eating area first if you don't mind.

You: Sure! I'll help.

[You have to run over to the tables and, using A, upright them (by repeatedly hitting A next to them), and then carry the chairs (which are all at one side of the diner) and place them at the three tables, four on each one.]

Maria: Thanks, [player name]!

You: That's ok. What next?

Maria: Well, Karine probably needs help at the actual counter, so if you could help her, that would be great!

[You then have to go over to Karine, and speak to her. If you try and leave, Maria says: "Wait, you promised to help and we haven't finished yet!". If you speak directly to Maria, she says: "Go and speak to Karine, she won't bite ... I think."]

Karine: Hey, I need some help putting all the right foods in the right sections, could you go and organise them please. You can see where they go by the plan.

[You have to place the stuff in the right sections, you are given one food item at a time, (for example: the loaf of bread, the bowl of lettuce, etc), and you have to put it in the correct place, the place is indicated by a flashing red outline of the place.]

Karine: Thanks, that's really helpful!

Maria: Hey, [player name]! Could you help me please! I'm in the Kitchens.

Karine: You should go and help her, to get to the Kitchens, go through that door.

You: Okay. I will. *walk off*

'*In Kitchens*

You: *enter* Hey, what's wrong?

Maria: I need you to help me fix the oven.

You: Okay, let's go and fix it.

[You have to connect all the wires and put in gears where needed. (As in MySims Agents Wii)]

Maria: Thanks, [player name].

You: That's ok.

Karine: MARIA! *runs in* I can see him through the window! He's coming, we need to get ready!

Maria: All ready?! Quick, through here [player name].

'*In the diner area, Maria, Karine and You are behind the counter*

???: *enters* Hey guys! Whose your friend?

Maria: This is [player name].

???: Hi, [player name]! I'm Edwin.

You: Hi.

Edwin: Well, it's certainly clean here!

Maria: Thanks, now can I get you something to drink?

Edwin: Sure.

You: *phone rings, You answer it* Hello ... yeah, I'll come. *put phone away*

Karine: Who was that?

You: Well I work on the Observatory and I just got a call from one of the members. He wants me to come quickly. So enjoy your meal Edwin *disappear*

Edwin: Wow ... anyway, I'll have a ...

Observatory Task (2)

'*back at the Observatory*

You: *appear in Kitchen* Hey Mira!

Mira: Hello, that was quick!

You: Yeah, Iggy called. What's wrong?

Mira: He's in the Bedroom, you'll see for yourself.

[You have to go to the Bedroom.]

Iggy: Hey [player name]! I need so help put this stuff in that gap in the wall.

You: What is it?

Iggy: A fish tank!

You: Cool! Let's get it sorted.

[You then have to place all the stuff into the aquarium (eg. the filter, the plants, the heater, etc...)]

Iggy: Thanks dude!

You: That's ok.

Mayhem in the Laundary

Barney: *comes in* We're recieving a help request from the galaxies accessable via the Laundary.

You: Okay, I'll go and take a look at all of them. *You automatically walk to the Laundary*


Lily: Oh thank goodness you're here, Now King Roland gave us the power to contact every galaxy from here, we've recieved help signals from all of them, it started coming from the Raceway Galaxy, you better get there quickly.

You: Okay.

Raceway Galaxy

'*screen changes to Raceway Galaxy*

You: *appear* Woah! [You're outside a purple bubble. Where the purple bubble is, should be where the Raceway Galaxy is.] What's this? *run through it*

???: Yuki has another face for Yuki to bite!

Summer: [player name]! Help us! She keeps trying to bite our faces!

Yuki: Yuki shall rule this galaxy!

Mel: Uh, no hunny.

Yuki: Yuki will set challenge. If Yuki wins, Yuki stay. If Yuki lose, Yuki leave and so does Yuki's purple bubble!

You: Okay. What's the challenge?

Yuki: Yuki and Yuki's Super Shiny Comet shall make you collect one hundred shinies in a two minute. You have to run around and collect them all.

You: Let's do it.

[You have to collect the shineys which are scattered all over the galaxy. If you lose, you just try again.]

Yuki: Oh ... Mr. Morcubus won't be happy.

Goth Boy: Hmph.

Yuki: Yuki shall go now, Yuki will miss biting Earing-Guy's face. *walks out, and the bubble disappears*

Charles: Thanks kid.

You: That's ok. I better be going, there are other galaxies in danger.

Ginny: See ya, then.

'*screen changes to you arriving in the Laundary, Lily says "Next one now" and you go to the Lunar Lab Galaxy*

Lunar Lab Galaxy


You: *walk into the library* Hello?

Brownie: AGH! *turns* Oh, it's you, [player name].

You: Why? Who wouldn't it be?


'*clip ends*

Brownie: *closes door* Careful [player name]!

You: What's wrong?

Brownie: Well, some dude in a small flying pod landed here and now Makoto's gone mad!

You: What do you mean?

Brownie: Go to the main lab, and you'll see what.

'*in the main lab, there's a loud banging noise and Nova, Fred and Billy are holding the door closed*

You: *enter* What's wrong?

Nova: [player name]!

Fred: A dude's out there and he appears to have taken control of Makoto. He's got some sort of funny remote.

You: I'll stop him for you.

Nova: But it's too dangerous ...

Dr. F: *interupts* for evil monkeys!

Nova: Shush you! Now come and help hold this door!

Dr. F: In a bit!

Nova: *sighs* But still ...

You: It's ok. I can sneak behind her by going through the Library door.

Brownie: But ...

Nova: If you insist. But be careful!

You: I will.


You: *Go out the Library door and tip toe around Makoto*

Makoto: *turns and sees you* AGH! *starts to chase you*

You: AGH! *turn and run*

'*clip ends*

[You have to run avoiding rocks that are in the ground without Makoto catching you up (Similar to Dr. F's minigame in MySims Party (Wii). If you fail, you have to retry. If survive for 45 seconds:]

You: Nearly there! *still running being chased by Makoto*

???: Darn! Morcubus, [player name]'s here and he's about to ruin my plan!

Morcubus: *through screen* DON'T! If you let him/her ruin it, you be in deep ... trouble, Cliff!

Cliff: Okay master. *looks up* AGH! *runs away from pod, dropping remote in it*

You: *stop and look up, so does Makoto, and you see a smallish space craft flying towards Cliff's pod* Oh dear! *the ship collides with pod and there's a large explotion* Oh my god! *start to run towards the ship*

Makoto: *starts to spin and jerk around, suddenly stops* Phew. *walks over to the lab*

'*out of the pod come five people*

You: Are you alright?

???: Dunno.

You: Quick! Come to the lab and we'll check you're okay.

'*Inside the Lab*

You: *hold the door open and they come in, a couple are limping*

Nova: Who are they?!

You: I don't know yet. But they need help so lets check they're okay, then we can find out.

'*the screen goes black with the words Later ... in yellow, then it disappears when you press A*

Nova: *dabbing one of the Sims arms with an antiseptic-thingy* So who are you excatly?

???: I'm Justice, leader of the Sim-Brigade. This is *points to each one in turn* Sylvia, Petal, Ian and the one you're healing is Rhonda.

Rhonda: Ouch!

Nova: Sorry, but what are you doing?

Justice: We go round from galaxy to galaxy collecting data for King Roland, and along the way, we occasionaly help people.

Brownie: But, how did you end up crashing?

Sylvia: Well, a signal started to interfer with our controls so we dicided to land, and find out what was the problem.

Ian: But, on the way down, we lost control and crashed into something.

You: Hmm. It must have been Cliff.

Rhonda: Who's Cliff?

You: Cliff works for MorcuCorp. An organization which are going around galaxies causing trouble.

Justice: Oh, Roland mentioned that group once or twice before.

Sylvia: But how come you know so much?

You: I work for Galactical Force, an organization who are trying to put a stop to MorcuCorp and their dasterly deeds.

Justice: Roland's mentioned your group as well.

You: How about you come back to the Observatory with me and we can organize something.

Justice: Sure. We're ready to go when you are.

You: Let's go then.

Billy: Wait!

Justice: Yes, kid.

Billy: Can I help you?

Justice: Huh?

Billy: I'd like ot join the Sim-Brigade and help battle against MorcuCorp.

Nova, Fred and Brownie: WHAT?!

Makoto: -Inisiating shock mode- GWAH!

Billy: Well, I really loved being here with you, it's just I want to help defeat MorcuCorp and help other galaxies.

Nova: But ...

Billy: I'm sorry. You've been th ebest to me.

Fred: I guess it's bye then.

Billy: I guess.

Brownie: *goes over a hugs him* I'll miss you.

Dr. F and Makoto: Salutions, my friend.

Nova: B - B ... Oh *runs over and hugs him crying* I'm gonna miss you, you're the best.

Billy: I'll miss you to! But, don't worry, I'll pop round every now and then.

Nova: O-o-okay ...

You: Let's go.

'*back at the Observatory, in the Control Room, Barney and Lily are talking*

Barney: I wonder where ...

You: *appear in a flash of green light along with the five Sim-Brigade members and Billy* Hey.

Barney: Who are they?

You: They're the Sim-Brigade, and this is Billy who wants to join them.

Barney: I've heard of you. Justice, right?

Justice: Barney, right?

Barney: Yeah! But we should have a meeting, maybe join forces or something.

Justice: That's an idea.

Lily: I'm sorry to interupt, but there's still a help beam coming from a galaxy, maybe you should go and see what's wrong, [player name].

You: Oh yeah! I'll take Jimmy with me, cause it's his home galaxy.

Lily: Good idea!

You: I'll be off then.

Ninja Jutsus Galaxy

'*You and Jimmy appear in the middle of their base*

Jimmy: I'm back ... temporarerally.

Star: Hey guys, you got our message.

You: Yeah, what's wrong?

Link: *sitting on chair* Well *chair disappears and he falls to the ground* Ouch!

Zoe: That's the matter.

Star: Someone's in a ship above the galaxy and is sending a vanishing beam down and it's making things vanish. We need your help to send a beam that will interfer with the signal and stop it happening.

You: Okay.

Kage: Good.

Star: We've got to the place where the co-ordinates are, but it's locked. We need you to hack into the computer ... again, to give us the co-ordinates to where to fire the beam.

You: Okay, I'll set to work.

[You have to hack into the computer, as in MySims Agents.]

Star: Thanks. Link are we ready to fire?

Link: Yes, firing in three, two, one. Now!

'*a loud bang occurs*

Star: has it worked?

Link: I think so.

Kage: We've got a message come through on the computer.

'*screen shows the screen, a person is on the screen*

???: How could you stop Brandi's Super-Sonic Amazing Disappearing Beam?! I'll get you another time though. MUHAHAHAHA!

'*screen goes back to the room*

Star: Thanks!

You: That's ok. Now just to find out where all the furnitures gone.

'*Suddenly it all appears*

You: Never mind.

Star: Well it was nice seeing you again.

Jimmy: Yeah, see ya guys!

Link: Bye.

'*You and Jimmy disappear in a flash of light*

Star: I miss him ...

'*back at the Observatory, in the Control Room*

'*You and Jimmy enter*

Lily: Hello. You've done right?

You: Yes.

Barney: We haven't finished yet, so why don't you go to the Kitchen and help another galaxy?

You: Ok.

[You then have to go to the Kitchen and select the Sushi Scramble Galaxy]

Sushi Scramble Galaxy (1)


You *You are walking along a beach towards some buildings* It's very quiet.

???: WHOO! YEAH! *You turn and a surfer is pulling tricks*

You: Excuse me!

???: *stops doing tricks and heads over to the shore*

'*clip ends*

???: Hey, I haven't seen you around here before, who are you?

You: I'm [player name] and I work for Galactical Force. An organization who goes around galaxies, helping the Sims on them.

???: Cool, man. I'm Luke.

You: Hi.

Luke: If you're a dude who goes round and helps people. Could you help me?

You: Okay, what's wrong?

Luke: Well over there is one of my surfboards, but it broken into several peices, can you put it back together for me please.

You: Sure, I'll try now.

[You then have to put the pieces together like a puzzle.]

Luke: Thanks, man!

You: That's ok.

Luke: So, what are you doing over here, then?

You: Well, I'm just coming and going from galaxy to galaxy, helping people.

Luke: Sounds like a way cool job!

You: What do you do?

Luke: I work for Mr. Watanabe. He owns a way cool sushi bar. You should check it out. It's just up that path.

[You then have to walk over to the sushi bar, outside a girl is waiting, if you speak to her or try to enter the bar, this happens:]

???: Excuse me! Could you help?

You: Sure what's wrong?

???: Well I'm Sachiko and I work in my uncle's resteraunt and Luke was supposed to of delivered the fish he caught up here, but the small creates it was in have fallen over and it's fallen out! Can you help me put it all in the right places please?

You: Sure!

Sachiko: Thanks!

[You have to put the fish in the right boxes. You have to put 15 fish in the right place in a minute.]

Sachiko: Thank you! That's really helpful!

You: That's ok. Where has this all got to go?

Sachiko: Round the back, into the store room.

You: I'll help you carry this.

Sachiko: Thanks, um ... what's your name?

You: [player name].

Sachiko: Thanks, [player name].

'*You and Sachiko walk around to the back of the restaraunt carrying a crate each, you put them down outside and enter via the back door. Inside is a hot tub with no water in it*

You: What's this?

Sachiko: It's where we preserve the fish, but it appears to be broken. UNCLE! THE HOT TUB'S BROKEN!

???: *comes in* What? Oh ... WE'RE GONNA GO OUT OF BUISNESS!

Sachiko: Calm down, uncle!

You: I can try and fix it.

???: You could ... hang on, who are you?

You: I'm [player name].

???: I'm Hisao Watanabe, could you fix it for me?

You: I'll try now.

[You have to connect the hot tub to the pump using the pipes supplied.]

Hisao: Thanks!

You: That's ok!

Hisao: Well thank you for everything you've done for us .

You: If you ever need help again, just ask.

Hisao: Thanks.

You: Well, I better be heading back now, bye.

Hisao and Sachiko: Bye.

'*You disappear*

Hisao: Now, time for Sim-Enders!

Sachiko: I wonder what's gonna happen to Michelle then?

'*Back at the Observatory*

You: *appear* Hey, Mira.

Mira: Hey [player name]. There's still more galaxies here.

You: Cool! I go and do one now.

[You need to select the Adventurers Galaxy.]

Adventurers Galaxy (1)


You: This an unusual place.


You: Wha? *a lemur jumps on you, knocking you to the ground*

'*clip ends*

'*You are standing facing the lemur*


You: M-m-me! I'm [player name]. Who are you?

???: Chitter! (I'm Magellan, King of the Lemurs! What do you want?)

You: I just wanna help people.

Magellan: CHITTER! Chitter, chit, chitter! (HELP?! Well, we could do with some help!)

You: You could?

Magellan: Chit, chit, chat. (Yeah, follow me.)

'*screen changes to a cave*

You: What's wrong?

'*three loud banging noises*

Magellan: CHITTER, CHIT! Chitter, chitter, chitter, chit, chitter. (That's the problem! Is there anyway you can find out whose doing it? I know there's a couple of Sims on the Island somewhere, maybe they can help you.)

You: Okay I'll have a go at finding the culperit.

[You have to go around the Island and talk to Lyndsay and Mike.]

Lyndsay's Conversation

???: Hello, who are you?

You: I'm [player name]. Who are you?

???: I'm Lyndsay. Can I help you at all?

You: Yes, I wondered if you knew anything about the mining on the outside of the cave?

Lyndsay: Oh my ... That's cave has some very important symbols, which we can't understand properly, in it, and someone keeps damaging the cave. We wont be able to do our job if it continues, because the cave will crumble!

You: Ok, thanks for that.

Mike's Conversation

You: Hello?

???: Who are you?!

You: I'm [player name].

???: I'm Mike, king of the coconuts!

You: Um ... I don't suppose you could help me.

Mike: I could?

You: Um ... yeah. I was wondering wether you knew anything about the damage done to the cave?

Mike: Yes I do. I often see a person dressed in black, with a banaclarva, hammering the wall. When I chase after them, throwing coconuts at them, they just disappear.

You: Ok ... thanks. I better go and check out this cave.

[You then have to go and inspect the area of the cave that's being damaged.]

You: *See someone dressed in black hammering at it* HEY! Wha you doing?

???: YOU!

You: Me?

???: Trust me, [player name]. Now we have the jewels, we will win and your shall lose. Muhahahaha! *runs off*

You: ...

'*screen goes to You walking up to Magellan*

You: It turned out that some one wanted some sort of jewel that was hidden in the rock. However, they've got all they need for something.

Lyndsay: *runs over* What's happened?

You: We found out that the person mining needs some jewel from the cave and I should run some tests to find out what it was.

Lyndsay: Ok. But, do you have anyone whose good a sciency things?

You: I'll just ring my crew to see if they can check it out for me.

[You get out your phone and ring the Observatory]

You: Hey Barney. Is there anyone who's good at chemestry and can possibly scan this sample.

Barney: I'll pass you over to Lily, she's got some sort of degree in Science.

You: Ok.

Lily: Hello.

You: Hi, could you possibly scan this sample for me to find out what it is?

Lily: Sure, but you'll have to bring it here.

You: Ok. Bye.

Magellan: Chiiter? (Can you?)

You: Yes, I just need to get a littlew bit of the rock.

Magellan: Chit. (Okay.)

You: I'm sure Lyndsay should have a pick-axe I can use.

[You then have to go and speak to Lyndsay.]

Lyndsay: Um ... well, I kinda lost it. If you find it for me, then you can use it. It should be somewhere around the camp!

[You then have to search for the golden pickaxe.]

Lyndsay: You found it! Now, you go and mine for the gem and bring it back in one piece, ok?

You: Sure.

'*screen changes to you mining, and then back to Lyndsay and you with the pickaxe*

Lyndsay: You finished?

You: Yeah.

Lyndsay: Cool. Now you better go and check that out.

You: Yeah, bye! *disappear*

'*back at the Observatory*

You: *appear* Hey Mira, where's Lily?

Mira: Oh hey [player name]. She's in the Laundary.

You: Thanks. I'll head over there now.

Observatory Task (3)

'*screen shows you walking past the Control Room*


You: Oh dear, I better see what's up.



Ian: But ...

Elmira: SH!

Justice: He wanted too.


Ian: But ...

Justice: Sh. It's just as dangerous for you on here as it is for him out there.

Elmira: ...

Ian: That's true.

Elmira: ...Alright, you can carry on. As long as HE doesn't crash again.

Justice: I didn't ... ok.

Elmira: Promise?

Justice: Promise.

Elmira: ... Fine, go.

'*Justice and Ian leave*

You: He'll be fine.

'*screen changes to the Laundary*

You: *enter* Here's the sample Lily.

Lily: Thanks. *puts it in machine* Hmm ...

You: What is it?

Lily: Well, I need your help.

You: What do I need to do?

Lily: I want you to examine it under the microscope, and then tell me what you see.

You: Ok.

'*screen changes to inside the microscope*

[You then have to watch the screen. Three different particles will bounce around the screen for three seconds. You then have to select which ones you saw, from the selection on the screen]

Lily: Oh my ...

You: What is it?

Lily: It's a very powerful stubstance, called ... Fortunite.

You: What?

Lily: It's a rare crystal used for ... bad things.

You: So whoever was mining it is probably MorcuCorp and is trying to create more disaster.

Lily: Probably, now I think you should go and help some more galaxies for a bit, whilst I do some more tests.

You: Ok.

'*you then have to go back to the Kitchen, and go to the Nightshade Manor Galaxy*

Nightshade Manor Galaxy (1)


You: *walking up the path towards the manor*

???: Excuse me! *steps onto path from the side* Who are you?

You: I'm ...

Carl: *arm falls off*

You: ... help.

'*clip ends*

You: Are you all right?

Carl: Yes, just could you pick up my arm for me?

You: Sure. *You pick it up and give it back*

Carl: Thanks, so who are you?

You: I'm [player name]. I work for Galactical Force.

Carl: They sound familier ...


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