Big Land Zone

Marshall City

  • Foutain Town: Video Dungeon
  • Stump Forest: Bishop Tree, Magic Dungeon, Jack'o Forest
  • Fossil Desert: Ghostly Temple, Casino Jungle, Puppet Dungeon, Gear Greenhouse
  • The City: Sim Protection Agency Headquarters
  • another wild area: Secret Mountains, Boudreaux Mansion, Jungle Temple, Gardens

Helen Resort

  • Resort: Entertainment Area
  • Ellen Area: Dean Mountains, Mary Lakes, Johnny Yards, Timmy Zoo
  • Autumn Bay: Hidden Maze, Tiayrret Island, Petting Zoo, Crystal Fall Mine, V Base

Festival Racetrack

-coming soon-

Fusion Kingdom Zone

  • Capitalpalooza
  • Isle of Trevor
  • Renée Junction
  • Rocket of the Elves
  • Spoocute
  • The Uncharted Academy

Wild Islands Zone

  • Team SpectreForce
  • Crescent-and-Moon 4
  • Sci-ForCorp

Spore Galaxy

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