MySims Forgotten is the part of the series where Sims that haven't had much light return. So characters like Poppy, Buddy, and Rosalyn will not be returning.

 Console and PC Characters (6 Locations)

The Forest

  • Patrick (Resident)
  • Vincent (World Traveller)
  • Vic (Scientist)
  • Travis (Resident, Student)
  • Elmira (Teacher)
  • Clara Belle (Resident, Student)
  • Maria (Food Contest Runner)
  • Roger (Gym Owner)
  • Gordon (Mayor)

The Desert

  • Dolly (Resident)
  • Aran (Resident)
  • Sandra (Night Club Owner)
  • Jenny (Rocket Builder)
  • Stephen (Mayor)
  • Raven (Curio Shop Owner)
  • Bean (Party Director)
  • Odin (Concert Director)
  • Liberty (Pet Seller)

The Valley

  • Sasha (Fruit Shop Owner)
  • Amelia (College Owner)
  • Edwin (Resident, Student)
  • Ruthie (Cookie Shop Owner)
  • Linda (Mayor)
  • Gertrude (Resident, Student)
  • Jeremy (Resident, Student)
  • Pinky (Soda Maker, (Optional) Student)
  • Ian (Resident, Student)

The City

  • Pablo (Pirate Ship Sailer)
  • Spencer (Resident)
  • Jimmy (Resident)
  • Noelle (Resident)
  • Karine (Grocery Store Owner)
  • Eliza (Therapist)
  • Yvette (World Renowned Entertainer)
  • Billy (Resident)
  • Luis (Resident)
  • Iggy (Resident)
  • Abigail (Mayor)
  • Penelope (Zoo Owner)
  • Rob (Video Game Store Owner)
  • Taylor (Flower Shop Owner)
  • Esma (Resident)
  • Brendan (Resident)

Magic Island

  • Pablo (Pirate Ship Sailer)
  • Leaf (Planter)
  • Hopper (Actor)
  • Petal (Planter)
  • Zack (DJ)
  • Sapphire (DJ)
  • Gonk (Resident)
  • Sylvia (Resident)
  • Yuki (Resident)

Mildew Fields and Homes

  • Violet (Dead Flower Shop Owner)
  • Duchess Beverly (Queen)
  • Daniel (Prince)
  • Alexa (Scientist, Soon to be Princess)
  • Linda (Resident)
  • Trevor (Resident)

Portable and PC Exclusive DLC Characters (2 Large Locations)

Sasquatch Hills

  • Paul
  • Charlie
  • Elizabeth
  • Emma
  • Ewan
  • Foster
  • Hawk
  • Helen
  • Tracy
  • Tyler
  • Sophie

Big Bound Town 

  • Olivia
  • Marie
  • Dean
  • Ellen
  • Emily
  • Hank
  • Hugh
  • Johnny
  • Lily
  • Margaret
  • Mary
  • Sharon
  • Victoria


  • To get to Magic Island, Pablo must take you. He doesn't actually leave until you leave, making him a resident of Magic Island along with his homeland, The City.
  • King Roland, Tim, and Star were all originally in the Console and PC game, but were later taken out. They make minor cameos in the final credits as they all enjoy cupcakes with Leaf and Hopper. It is possible that they lived in Magic Island with the other residents because of this.
  • Any Resident (Other than Students and Pinky) don't make an impact on the story unless you interact with them. They will have requests similar to the requests in MySims Kingdom DS and MySims: Lights, Camera, Action!
    • Brendan won't actually ask for anything.
  • In the Portable Version only, Paul is the only character from the Wii to be brought to the DS and 3DS.
  • The DS Version is available as DLC for PC.

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