MySims Farm Life
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Developer(s) Leading Games
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Release date March 2, 2013
Genre Simulation
Mode(s) Story Mode
Rating(s) ESRB - E
Platform(s) Wii
Media Discs

MySims Farm Life is a game in the MySims series. The game is highly based off the games Harvest Moon: Magical Melody and Animal Crossing. Unlike previous games that are MySims, MySims Farm Life focuses around building a farm and collecting Honour Plates, which help the town.


Character Portal: Portal:MySims Farm Life Characters Plumbob OY

There are multiple characters to interact with during the game, along with the 24 bachelors and bachelorettes. Depending on where you own your farm (though you can buy more then one farm), different bachelors and bachelorettes are available. Although 6 will be available no matter where you build a farm.


There are a total of 4 areas where you can own a farm in Fortuna Village:

Town Center Town-FarmLife-Icon-Small
Pig Forest Forest-FarmLife-Icon-Small
Cow Cliffs Cliff-FarmLife-Icon-Small
Spinning Plains Plains-FarmLife-Icon-Small


  • Originally, Cow Cliffs was named Bat Cliffs.
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