This a joint game between ConnaBuilder and Emerald11.

MySims Emerald is based on the original MySims except it is deep under the surface in an emerald mine! This game is available on wii, wiiU, PS3, DS & 3DS. This game will not ever be comming out on xbox360.


The main plot of MySims Emerald starts when a very successful emerald mine is mysteriously shut down and barricades were put up preventing sims from going deeper into the mine. At first there were shops and houses and everything deep in the mine now only a small settlement near the surface remains. It is your job to investigate why the mine was shut down and to try to win back all the areas barricaded from you. You must complete tasks to gain Star Levels, as you gain Star Levels you get a special task from Mayor Roslyn after which you always win a tool that has the power to break the next barricades. The tools become increasingly stronger and harder to find.

Star SPOILER WARNING!!! Plot and/or ending details follow.

At the end of the game you win the final tool and break the final barricade to reveal Morcubus's Ultimate Emerald Mining Machine! He is trying to mine all the emerald in the mine to sell and become rich. He corupted some mining officials to help him by offering them heaps of emerald if they agreed to help him barricade certain areas of the mine. 

After the final battle you persuade Morcubus to let everyone use his machine to mine emerald a lot quicker and he joins your town and if you wish to take them gives you 10 bonus "evil" tasks which can lead to upsetting other sims. You have the choice to become the next one of Morcubus's slaves or be the hero of your mine.

SPOILER WARNING!!! Spoilers end here. Star

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