Candy nds cover
Developer(s) CosmicLoop Goods
Publisher(s) Electronic Farts
Release date canceled
Genre Rhythm, Music, Story
Mode(s) Single-player, WiFi (production was canceled during planning for WiFi features)
Rating(s) E for Everyone
Platform(s) DS only
Media DS card

"MySims DJ BASH would have been the first game released by CosmicLoop Goods and Electronic Farts, but was canceled for unknown reasons." 

" Go on a musical adventure as you become DJ Candy's student, who is quite unlike the others! Take on the role as an amnesiac sim who has just moved to the town Riverdale, in search of their past. As your sim passes by DJ Candy's Club, AKA her temporary DJ School, she mistakes you as a new student. But once you clear things up by telling Candy your story, she understands and offers a free spin on her turn-tables. She is amazed at your skills, and hires you as a student at her DJ school. Once you graduate Candy's DJ school, you will be able to perform Big Shows. But after you play at each show, you will gain some memories... "

Bad DJ Screenshot

I drew the hand. >:/ this is the official-est of art

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