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MySims: Colors of the Pain-Bow
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Developer(s) Cosmic-Loop Goods
Publisher(s) Electronic Farts
Release date TBA
Genre Adventure, Drama
Mode(s) Single-player, Multi-Player, WiFi, TBA
Rating(s) RP for Rating Pending
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii, DS, PC/Mac
Media Wii optical disk, NDS card, CD-ROM

MySims: Colors of the Pain-Bow is a new installation in the MySims line. It is the second title developed by Cosmic-Loop Goods, working together with Electronic Farts. It's rating will most likely be E10+ or T.

Background Story

In MySims: Colors of the Pain-Bow, you are a sim who lives in a country named Benecolta. This country is in the middle of a big war, named the "Red Blood War". The war was sparked by Morcubus trying to take over the land Benecolta, after taking over a few other countries. But Mayor Rosalyn P Marshall refused defeat. If Mayor Rosalyn is defeated, Benecolta's beautiful colors of the orange Fall harvest, beautiful blue rivers, soft green grass, pretty purple flowers, fluffy white clouds, view of a lovely pink sunset, and sightings of the fascinating yellow moon; these would all be lost. Smokey, grey factories and tall, black smokestacks would obscure, kill, and/or up all these colors. Early on, the war became rather violent, and it wasn't long until a new color was discovered; the painful, red blood.


You are a normal civillian who is reading the newspaper, catching up on the daily Red Blood War's bits and articles. Eventually, after reading so much of the news stories, you become angry, and want to fight in the Red Blood War. As you leave your humble home and town, you look back at the swaying corn and wheat fields, and remember your happy past, with a sadness in your eyes and a smile on your face, and whisper "Goodbye"...

You must Fight in the Red Blood War, after a certain early point in the game, and many other Sims you've seen will be fighting as-well.


There are many new locations in MSCotPB:

  • Your Hearty Home (main-land)
    • Downstairs Hallway
      • My Kitchen
      • My Living Room
      • My Dining Room
    • Upstairs Hallway
      • My Bedroom
      • My Bathroom
  • The Fields
  • The Village (main-land)
    • The Nightshades' House
    • Lyndsay's House
    • Buddy's House
    • Evelyn Gray's House
    • Emi's House
    • Chaz McFreely's Hard-Core Home
    • Candy's Place
  • The Farm (main-land)
    • Ginny's Animal Barn
    • Ginny's Hen House
    • Ginny's Farmhouse
    • Ginny's Fields
  • Path to Doom
  • BattleField
  • Soldier's Tent Camp
  • Your tent
  • ____'s Tent
  • ____'s Tent
  • ____'s Tent
  • ____'s Tent
  • ____'s Tent
  • ____'s Tent
  • ____'s Tent
  • ____'s Tent


Many of the MySims characters have returned in this game, but there are also some new ones:

  • You = more info soon
  • Buddy = more info soon
  • Lyndsay = more info soon
  • Violet Nightshade = more info soon
  • Candy = An upbeat girl who loves music.
  • Chaz McFreely = more info soon
  • Jenny = more info soon
  • Farmer Ginny = more info soon
  • Emi = more info soon
  • Evelyn Gray = more info soon
  • Poppy Nightshade = TBA
  • Mayor Rosalyn = TBA
  • Upcoming


  • The country's name origin: Bene is Italian for "good", Colta is Italian for "harvest". Together, the country's name can mean: "Good Harvest".

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