MySims City Living
Developer(s) PsychicLlama
Publisher(s) PsychicLlama
Release date 15-12-2011
Platform(s) Wii, 3DS (More Coming Soon)

MySims City Living is game in production by LlamaCo.

It involves finding essences, moving in Sims and completing tasks.

Info and More

&nbsp MySims City Living takes place before MySims in a city called Port Primrose.

It centres on you’re character who has just moved to Port Primrose.

You get to create you MySim with the all new tools, clothing and hairstyles to choose from. Anyway you meet Mayor Hamilton who is a jolly and generous fellow, he explains that MorcuCorp has taking over the city and moves most of the residents away.

It’s you’re job to get the residents to move in and take down the evil MorcuCorp!


MySims City Living includes various new and returning features!

  • New Apartments – Instead of Houses, move several MySims into Apartments

  • New Sims – Many of new characters to meet chat and befriend with!

  • Eight City Districts – Eight Districts like Spooky District, Cute District etc

  • More Fun with Community Places – Places such as the Mall, Skatepark, Beach and School

  • Update You’re Pad – Make you home a fancy one with a wide range of Decorations

  • Fun for all Ages – MySims City Living will keep everyone laughing and playing away!


New Characters

Studios Sims – Helena, Morris, Dan Helsing, Victoria, Shambles, Valentino Levee

Punk Sims – Punky Rylo, Aimee, Stanley, Rotten Turnip, Rocky, Lavender, Chuck

Cute Sims – Emily, Toe Toes, Olivia, Marcy, Nimo, Robbie, Celesta, Tina, Jolene

Spooky Sims – Mortimer, Pepper, Nightwing, Greg, Hanna Rose, Blake, Madison, Claws

Fun Sims – Duke, Bella, Harvey, Patricia, Maxine, Thomas, Giggles, Kitty Kat, Lee, Po

Chill Sims – Skylark, Angelina, Macey, Carson, Cody, Randy, Mia, Francine

Geeky Sims – Laser, Cooper, Chickadee, Marina, Bruce, Racket, Spacey

Tasty Sims – Moody, Karl, Isaac, Chef Vivian, Tony, McKenzie, Truffle, Cookie

Nature Sims – Anne, Lula, Lewis, Dawg, Mona, Bonnie, Ashton, Jacob, Jewels

More Info Coming Soon

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