MySims Buildings DS
MySims Buildings
Developer(s) Electronic Arts
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date No Release date because this is Fanon
Genre Platforms
Mode(s) TBA
Rating(s) G for Everyone
Platform(s) TBA
Media TBA

MySims Buildings is available on DS.



Locations & Places & Who they are located

Town Hall

  • Outside: Tim (Sometimes),Tyler (If the clothing shop is closed at Morning), Ewan (Sometimes), (Townname) Residents, Chaz McFreely (Sometimes), Chef Charlie Delicioso (If his Bakery is closed), Ashley (Sometimes), Poppy (Only if her flower shop is closed)
  • Rosalyn's City Hall: Rosalyn (Only at Morning, Noon and Evening), Tim (Sometimes Expect Night), Helen (Sometimes Expect Night)
  • Tyler's Clothing Shop: Tyler (Only if his clothing shop is open), Ewan (Sometimes Noon), (Townname) Residents
  • Ewan's Police Station: Ewan (Only at Evening)
  • Poppy's Flower Shop: Poppy (Only if her flower shop is open), Ashley (Sometimes Morning), Violet (Sometimes Afternoon)
  • Charlie's Bakery: Charlie (Only if his bakery is open), Tyler (Sometimes Morning)
  • Family Marshall House: Tim (Night), Helen (Night), Rosalyn (Night)
  • Tyler's Family House: Tyler (Night), Ewan (Night), Johnny (Night)
  • Family Nightshade House: Poppy (Night), Violet (Sometimes Morning,Night)
  • Ashley's House: Ashley (Night)
  • More Coming Soon!

Town Dock Port

  • Coming Soon


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