MySims Agents 3
Developer(s) Zain Game Productions
Publisher(s) Zain Game Productions
Release date 10/01/12
Genre Adventure
Mode(s) Single-player
Rating(s) 10+
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii/WiiU, PS3 and DSi/3DS
Media Wii/WiiU optical disk, PS3 Optical disk and NDSi/N3DS card

MySims Agents 3 is the third installation of the MySims Agents series, and 10th game by ZainGame Productions. It has been leaked that there will be 33 clients with dispatch missions, and 99 dispatch missions. 35 clients appear in the game. It has also been leaked that there will be 10 locations, and 85 sims (including clients and recruits) in total. There will be 45 cases in total, the amount vary in each location. The amount of people in each location qill vary. In addition, there will be 6 new characters, each in their own location. There will also be 5 animals, 2 are new.


  • Main Street (R)
  • Headquarters (R)
  • Construction Sight
  • Butterfly Gardens
  • The Beach
  • Junkyard
  • Nightshade Mansion* (R)
  • Everest Ski Hills*
  • Pizza Junction*
  • Industrial District* (R)


  • Shirley's Salon- Main Street (R)
  • Park Forest- Main Street (R)
  • Chaz's Fort- The Beach
  • Beach Store- The Beach
  • Butterfly Basement- Butterfly Gardens
  • Butterfly Forest- Butterfly Gardens
  • Patrick's Trailer- Construction Sight (R)
  • Sushi Shack- Construction Sight
  • The Patel Cabin- Construction Sight
  • Coco and Bunno's Garden
  • Barney's Lounge- Junkyard
  • Bulldozer- Junkyard
  • The Main Hall- Nightshade Mansion (R)
  • The Dining Hall and Kitchen- Nightshade Mansion (R)
  • The Loft- Nightshade Mansion (R)
  • Ski Summit- Everest Ski Hills
  • Pablo's House- Everest Ski Hills
  • Nova's Observatory- Everest Ski Hills
  • Gino's Pizzeria- Pizza Junction
  • Ginny's Prison- Pizza Junction
  • Cow Field- Pizza Junction
  • Dr F's Lab- Industrial District
  • Club Candy- Industrial District
  • The Sewers- Industrial District

Unaccessible Locations

  • MorcuCorp Lab


*= Flight Transportation only.

R= Returning Location


Interest Description
Charisma This interest is likely based off the interests fun, and possibly Tasty and Cute.
Smarts This interest is likely based off of studious. Smarts can also be based off geeky.
Nature There is mainly cute sims and animals who love this interest, along with people who had Nature as an interest in MySims Kingdom.
Athletics It is likely based on fun and charisma
Paranormal It is likely based upon geeky and spooky things.


See here for portal.

Character Location Recruit? Client?
Alexa Lexington Headquarters No Yes
Annie Radd Butterfly Gardens No Yes
Barney Cull Junkyard No No
Beebee The Beach/Butterfly Gardens No Yes
Brandi MorcuCorp Lab/Industrial District No No
Buddy Headquarters No Yes
Cassandra N/A Yes Yes
Cedella N/A Yes Yes
Chancellor Ikara Construction Yard (temporarily) Yes No
Chef Gino Pizza Junction/HQ Yes No
Chef Charlie Pizza Junction/HQ Yes No
Chaz McFreely The Beach Yes No
Clara Belle The Beach No No
Crystal The Beach/MorcuCorp Lab No No
DJ Candy Industrial District/HQ Yes Yes
Daryl Nightshade Mansion/HQ Yes No
Derek N/A No Yes
Dolly Dearheart Main Street No No
Dr. F Industrial District/The Beach No Yes
Duchess Beverley Nightshade Mansion/HQ No Yes
Edwin N/A No Yes
Elmira Main Street No Yes
Esma Industrial District/MorcuCorp Lab No No
Evelyn Gray HQ No No
Eliza HQ Yes Yes
Finn Headquarters No Yes
Ginny Pizza Junction/HQ Yes No
Gonk Construction Sight No No
Goth Boy Nightshade Mansion/HQ Yes No
Grandma Ruthie Nightshade Mansion/HQ Yes No
Hopper Butterfly Gardnes No Yes
Iggy N/A No Yes
Jenny Headquarters No Yes
Jimmy Pizza Junction/HQ Yes No
Justice The Beach No Yes
Kage N/A Yes No
King Roland HQ Yes Yes
Leaf Butterfly Gardens No No
Liberty HQ Yes No
Lord Daniel Nightshade Mansion/HQ Yes No
Luis Main Street No No
Luke The Beach No No
Lyndsay N/A No Yes
Madame Zoe Nightshade Mansion Yes No
Makoto Industrial DIstrict/HQ Yes No
Marlon Everest Ski Hills/HQ Yes No
Master Aran Industrial District/HQ Yes No
Michael Gray The Beach No Yes
Mira Cull Junkyard No No
Morcubus MorcuCorp/All Locations No No
Morrigan MorcuCorp/The Beach No No
Ms. Nicole Main Street No No
Natalia Headquarters No Yes
Odin Construction Sight No No
Ol' Gabby Junkyard No No
Pablo Everest Ski Hills/HQ Yes No
Patrick Construction Sight No Yes
Paul Winewski Everest Ski Hills/HQ Yes No
Petal Butterfly Gardens No Yes
Pinky HQ Yes Yes
Poppy Butterfly Gardens No Yes
Preston Everest Ski Hills/HQ Yes No
Princess Butter HQ Yes No
Professor Nova Everest Ski Hills/HQ Yes No
Renee Butterfly Gardens No No
Rhonda N/A Yes No
Roger Construction Sight No Yes
Rosalyn Main Street No No
Roxie N/A No Yes
Rusty MorcuCorp/Junkyard No No
Sachiko Pizza Junction/HQ Yes No
Sapphire Industrial District/HQ Yes No
Shirley Main Street No No
Spencer HQ Yes No
Summer The Beach No No
Tobor Industrial District/The Beach No No
Tad The Beach No No
Travis Main Street No Yes
Trevor Nightshade Mansion/HQ Yes No
Vic Vector Everest Ski Hills/HQ Yes No
Violet Nightshade Mansion/HQ Yes No
Walker Headquarters/Main Street No No
Wendalyn N/A No Yes
Zack Industrial District/HQ Yes No
Zombie Carl MorcuCorp/Nightshade Mansion No No
Zain Construction Sight No Yes
Aamena Construction Sight No Yes
Alexis Charles Junkyard No No
Huzaifah Construction SIght No No
Chris Butterfly Gardens No No
Charlotte Sparks Everest Ski Hills Yes Yes
Austin Main Street No Yes
Randy Everest Ski Hills, Pizza Junction- MorcuCorp Lab Hostage, HQ Yes No

HQ= Recruit


Name Location Recruit
Wolfah Everest Ski Hills/HQ Yes
Magellan Junkyard/HQ Yes
Grit Junkyard/HQ Yes
Bunno Construction Sight Yes
Coco Construction Sight Yes

Opening Cutscene

  • You enter as everyone in the HQ cheer*
  • Walker: Congratulations, -player name-. You have defeated Morcubus.
  • Natalia: *pops up out of nowhere* Morcubus.... HE IS ALIVE!
  • Walker: How is that possible?
  • You: Well, I didn't kill him...
  • Buddy: What?!
  • Walker: Well Morcubus better be defeated this time, Special Agent -player name-!
  • Jenny: Try to succeed...
  • You: You can count on me, sir!
  • Alexa: We all wish you the best!
  • You: Thanks, Alexa!
  • Jenny: I don't get a thanks? Hmph!
  • You: Um.... ok!
  • Finn: Well, me and Buddy will be at your side in all of this! Don't worry!
  • Walker: Remember, you can talk to Jenny if you want to choose a dispatch mission, at your desk, use your phone to hire recruits!
  • You: And I can change what I am wearing using that.... thing!
  • Walker: That thing... has a name... Dressinator3000! And use you phone to contact Alexa to analyze a material, and call me when you have completed a case or dispatch mission, you will also receive texts from recruits about what is happening, some will have a question for you to answer!
  • You: I will try my best, Agent Walker!
  • Buddy: I will also help you, pal... I'll be on your side all the time, -player name-!
  • game starts*


Case Name Person With Case Suspects/Reason
Missing Files Mayor Rosalyn Elmira, Morcubus, Austin
Stolen Hair Products Shirley Ms. Nicole, Austin, Unknown MorcuCorp Employee
Poet's Problems Austin The Poems, The Diary.
Did Morcubus rob my House? Austin Yes, No
My Costumes Dolly Dearheart Morcubus, Elmira, Austin
Failed Connection Travis The Satellite, The Internet
Gonk... want... FOOD! Gonk Aamena, Morcubus, Roger
Rock Stairs! Odin Patrick Rhino, Zain, Huzaifah
Stolen Cookies Aamena Huzaifah, Zain, Coco
Meowness Zain Bunno, Coco
Missing Tools Patrick Morcubus, Aamena, Huzaifah

Coco's Missing Cocoa

Coco Recipe, Irritate Coco
Butterfly Concert Annie Radd Petal, Leaf, Hopper
The Stolen Flowers Poppy Morcubus, Petal, Leaf
Was Leaf Set Up? Hopper Yes, No
Pigz Rule! Renee Yes, No
Bunny not Funny! Beebee Safety, Theft
Mr. Sucker's Revenge Clara Belle Captivity, Wild
Encore! Chaz McFreely Yes, No
The Sub-Surf Shop Luke Michael Gray, Crystal and Morcubus, Summer, Beebee
Mime Show Morrigan Beebee, Summer, Clara
The Safety of the Ocean Tad McCaffery Summer, Clara
Junkyard Ransack Mira Cull Rusty, Ol' Gabby, Morcubus
Boating Lake Barney Cull Yes, No
Minin' Stick Missing? Ol' Gabby Rusty, Morcubus, Grit, Magellan
The Bandana Store Rusty Yes, No
The Plant Devourer Mira Cull Rusty, Barney, Morcubus, Magellan
Cat Physics Barney Morcubus, Rusty
The Broken Fortunite Violet Nightshade Duchess Beverely, Morcubus, Goth Boy
Daryl?! Daryl Yes, No
Why was it Destroyed? Violet Nightshade The Power, The Colour
Daniel's Daisies Lord Daniel Morcubus, Trevor, Goth Boy.
Cookie Monster Grandma Ruthie Yes, No
Martial Law Master Aran DJ Candy, Morcubus, MorcuGirls
Who is disrupting the Music? Sapphire Zack, Morcubus, Master Aran
The Man at the Meeting Dr. F T.O.B.O.R, Master Aran.
The DJ Booth DJ Candy MorcuGirls, Dr. F, Makoto
Telescope Smasher Professor Nova Preston, Vic, Paul
The Kidnapped Preston Professor Nova Morcubus, Wolfah
Stolen Satellites Vic Vector Pablo, Preston
Wizard Way Marlon Yes, No
The Ski Lift Pablo Morcubus, Vic, Pablo
Summit Lost! Paul Morcubus, Pablo, Wolfah, Preston, Nova
Firework Charlotte Sparks Nova, Preston, Vic
Missing Maps Gino Morcubus, Jimmy, Sachiko
The Secret batter Charlie Deliciousness, Irritate Charlie
Prison Breakout Ginny Charlie, Sachiko, Morcubus
Prison Breakout 2 Morcubus Released, Escaped.
Fishy Fates Jimmy Raw Fish, Quorn
Coastline Fishin' Sachiko Jimmy, Morcubus, Ginny
Morcubus' Secret Buddy The Diary, The Journal
Mystery of the MUBA Store Finn Morrigan, Yuki..
MorcuDefeat Agent Walker Morcubus, MorcuGirls, Rusty and Carl.


  • Selena was originally going to be in the game, but was replaced by Finn.
  • The demo version of the game for the PS3 is available to PS3 user on 28/12/11.
    • The demo version also allows the player to do the first 3 cases of the game, and view a clip showing new locations, charcters, clips of mission and dispatch missions.
  • Yuki was originally meant to be in the game but was replaced by Morrigan or Randy. However, Yuki is mentioned in the 2nd last case of the game.

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