Mysims Agents 2 - Dream Sceptre is a fan-made sequel to Mysims Agents.


Main Street -




-Shirley (Salon)

-Cedella (Cafe)

-Sachiko (Sushi Shop)

-Dogwood (Poppy's Dog)

-Sport (Roger's Dog)

HQ -

-You (Agent)

-Buddy (Assistant)

-Walker (Head)

-Jenny (Front Desk)

-Roxie Road (Scientist)

-Rosalyn (Agent)

-Vic Vector (Tech Agent)

Morcucorp -




-Goth Boy

[Mission One] - Pampered Puppy

You: 'Hey Sachiko, What goes?'

Sachiko: 'Oh, [name], thankgoodness you're here, I found this mysterious dog outside of my Sushi Shop!'

You: 'Well who does it belong to?'

Sachiko: 'That's where I need you to come in, I don't know! Please help me find it's owner, I'll be willing to give you a small reward.'

You: {You can count on me}

Sachiko: 'That's great news! If you need any help, I'll be right here!'

During Mission Comments -

Sachiko: 'Maybe the owner left some clues around the area? It's worth a shot'

Cedella: 'What's up kid?'

You: {Any Ideas on a missing dog?} or {Nevermind}

Cedella: 'Hmm, Well I aint no physic but I bet ya a ton, it's got something to do with Roger and his dog'

You: 'Hmm.. We'll have to see about that.'

You: {Any thoughts on a missing dog?} or {Good Day}

Roger: 'Look, I'm too busy to chit chat, sorry kiddo.' or 'Thanks, You too.'

[Mission 1] - Ending

You: 'Hey Sachiko, I've solved the case!'

Sachiko: 'That's great news! But who is it?'

You: 'All clues add up to... ROGER!'

Roger: 'Sport! Is that you?'

(Roger runs and plays with Sport)

Roger: 'I Missed you! Now don't run off without letting Ol' Roger know okay?'

Sport: 'Yip, Yip!'

Sachiko: 'Yay! Way to go [name], Sport is finally back with his owner, I'm giving free sushi samples at my Sushi Shop in celebration! Why don't you come along too Roger?'

Roger: 'Free Sushi? Well i'm sure I can fit in a bit of food in my training schedule.'

[Congratulations! You have unlocked The Dalmation Wanzie]

[Congratulations! You have unlocked The Labrador Wanzie]

[Congratulations! You have unlocked Roger as a Recruit!]

(That was just a rough idea of what you will be seeing of the missions also, Please do not edit, but you may create a sequel!)

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