MSA 2 Cover

The Cover of the game


You are a new special agent for the SPA. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is this: To capture and detain Morcubus. Before it's too late.


The game begins in Gino's, where Agent Katie, Evelyn and Buddy are sat. They spot a Morcubus blimp and head back to HQ, where Katie is fired apon entry for releasing Morcubus from the nightmare realm. You are then hired. You are given your mission by Walker, and must go and look for Paul Wisnewski. He is misssing. You find a not in his cave, saying "Morcucorp ha-". The note has been ripped. You search for the second piece unsuccessfully. You then return to HQ to find Ex-Agent Katie there. She asks to help you, saying that no matter what Walker says, she believes she made the right choice. However she still longs to be an agent and asks to help you in your quest. You agree. Jenny then appears, telling you that Michael Gray has been reported missing. You go to Coney Street to investigate (this is where Mike lives). In his flat, there is a note saying "-ve a s-". It fits perfectly to the note you found in Paul's cave. This can't be a coincidence. You have no idea who will disapear next, all you know is they will most likely have worked with Morcubus. Fortunately, Katie has some ideas. Your first stop is Cyrus Boureadeux's mantion. You find everything as it was. except Zombie Carl is acting strangely, saying "Can't can't can't". You return to HQ, to find Violet's mother waiting for you. She introduces herself as Iris Nightshade. The name means nothing to you but Katie jumps up and yells "IRIS! You-I-no!" She clearly reccognizes the name. "Iris was the name on the back of the treasure map, and ingraved in that tree! You could be the answer!" Suddenly, Star appears, and graps Iris. She disapears taking Iris with her. "No!" You yell. Iris could have held the missing clue.