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MySims Agents: The Future Mystery
Developer(s) PixelPerfect
Publisher(s) Pixelated Projects
Release date Monday, May 30th (Memorial Day) 2011
Genre Role-Playing, Science Fiction, Mystery, Action, Adventure, Horror
Mode(s) Single Player Story
Rating(s) None Yet
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii
Media Wii Optical Disc

MySims Agents: The Future Mystery is an upcoming game by Pixelated Projects. Please note that this game is rated T for Teen.




B-Button While Talking


Confirmed Characters

Here is a list of Characters that are confirmed to be in the game, and their roles.

You-Special Agent (Primary)

Buddy-Friend (Primary)

Anthony- Agent (Primary)

Shirley-Aunt (Secondary)

Luis-Cousin (Secondary)

Danny-Agent, Thug and Rival (Primary)

PiX-Agent (Primary)

Travis-Agent (Primary)

Walker-Special Agent (Primary)

Dankato-Villan (Primary/Secondary)

Morcubus-None (Mentioned)

Evelyn-None (Mentioned)

Sir Vincent Skullfinder- Museum Curator, Supporting Villan (Secondary)

Kato-Main Villan (Primary)

Derek-Supporting Villan (Secondary)

Esma-Supporting Villan (Secondary)

Poppy-Victim (Secondary)

Violet-Victim (Secondary)

Morrigan-Pilot Captain (Secondary)

Elliot Salem-Fighter Pilot (Secondary)

Tyson Rios-Fighter Pilot (Secondary)

Isaac Clarke-None (Mentioned)

Commander Shepard-None (Mentioned)

Star-Ninja (Secondary)

Kage-Ninja/Traitor (Secondary)

Jimmy-Ninja (Secondary)

Chapter 1: Dankato's Crime

You are a successful agent, and have handled many cases already. You've decided on retiring from the business as a young, successful detective. The game begins with a death, and the last case you handled. You had been chasing Morcubus's ally, named Dankato, and he's armed with a gun. He's been wanted for trying to regain the Nightmare Crown, and had already had fortunite. He had been running through the city, chased by you and your team. He ran by a schoolyard and took one of the kids hostage. The kid's name was Poppy, and she was 5 years old.

Poppy: Sir, I don't know you.

Dankato: Quiet you!

You: Surrender! You're cornered!

Dankato: Don't come closer! If you do, I'll shoot this girl.

Dankato grabbed Poppy. Buddy didn't know what to do. The girl cried. Her sister came up running.

Violet: Poppy!

Dankato: Don't come closer! If you do, I'll shoot!

Violet had put her hands up in the air. Dankato forced you to put down your gun, and threatened to shoot if you did otherwise. You had a choice to request a last meal, or quickly grab your gun and shoot for your life. You had requested one last meal, and Dankato allowed it. He knew that once he let Poppy go, you'd be shot. You took a sandwich out of your bag, and Dankato had fallen to his knees in pain.

Dankato: What-What is this!?

You: If my memory serves, it says in your file, you're allergic to peanuts.

Dankato: N-Noooo!

You: Let the girl go!

Poppy: *Whimpers*

Dankato: Never!

You: The Sandwich goes away if you let her go!

Poppy: *Screams*

Dankato: N-Never!

You had to choose whether to put the sandwich away or keep it out. You chose to keep it out, until he let go of Poppy and surrendered his gun.

You: Last Chance.

Dankato: N-N-Never!

Within 5 seconds of this being said, Dankato fainted. You had a choice whether to talk to Poppy or call an ambulance. You chose to talk to Poppy.

You: Are you okay?

Violet: Poppy!

Poppy: Mister, what happened to that man?

You: He's gone. For good.

Violet: Really? Forever?

You: His peanut allergy is airborne, and lethal.

You glanced at his corpse. You knew that you were a murderer. You had a choice to leave or file a 911 report. You filed a 911 report. After filing the report, you went back to your headquarters. You met Walker, another Special Agent.

Walker: You did what you had to do.

You: Yeah....I quit.

Walker: What?

You: I quit. I can't keep doing this. My first case left Morcubus and Evelyn stranded. Now someone died at my hand.

Your partner, Buddy, walked in.

Buddy: Technically, he died at your lunch.

You: Yeah, but that doesn't matter. I quit.

You packed your bags and left the HQ, leaving Buddy in charge. Buddy wasn't the best leader, but he tried. Five years later, your city had been overrun by crime. You lived in a rather large house, and had received a phone call.

Chapter 2: Becoming an Agent, Again

You had been living in your house, not doing much. Your life became very boring, routine, etc. At 6:30 AM, while you were in bed, you received a phone call. You had a choice to either fall back asleep or answer the phone. You decided to answer the phone.

Buddy: Hey! It's been a while, hasn't it?

You: Buddy? Is that you?

Buddy: Yup, it's me! Anyways, I wish I didn't have to call.

You: What do you mean? A call from you is always a call answered!

Buddy: No, it's the reason I called. I need your help on a mission.

You: No.

Buddy: But, it's high priority!

You: No.

Buddy: But!

You: My decision is final.

You had a choice to hang up the phone angrily, or say goodbye. You chose to say goodbye before hanging up.

You: Look, I gotta go. Bye

Buddy: It's the Nightmare Crown.

Once you heard that, you were curious. You had a choice to listen more, or hang up. You chose to hang up.

You: Bye.

Buddy: Wa-!

You'd hung up before he could finish. You continued the day like you normally did, until you got a knock on the door. You had a choice to answer or ignore him. You ignored him, but he started pounding harder. You decided to answer after you thought the door was going to fall of its hinges.

???: Hey, I'm Danny.

You: What do you want?

Danny: I'm here to offer.."insurance".

You: Insurance?

Danny: Just to make sure nothing unfortunate will happen to your house. Or your car.

You: Get out of here!

Danny: Or what, you'll call the cops? I stopped them up good already.

You: Or I'll grab my gun and shoot, I was a special agent.

Danny had just sighed. You had a choice to grab your gun, or slam the door. You decided to slam the door. You continued the day like normal, and decided to go out for lunch. You could've chose Simburger or Sal's Sim Salad. You chose to go to Simburger. After waiting twenty minutes for your burger, you drove back home to a destroyed house. Everything was destroyed. You decided to call 911. Ironically, Buddy came on the scene.

Buddy: Ah, I see. So some kid wrecked your house?

You: Yes. He said his name was Danny. He wore a Red Jacket and a golden mask. Guessing he wanted to protect his identity.

Buddy: Well, there's nothing I can do.

You: WHAT!?

Buddy: I've got too many cases, nothing in my power!

You: WHAT!?

Buddy: I legally can't take it.

You were puzzled. You didn't know what to do. You could've yelled at Buddy, or offered help. You offered help.

You: If I take one of your easier cases, will you handle my house?

Buddy: Hmm...for you...anything!

You had become an agent. You returned to the HQ, to find some old agents and some New ones. Walker introduced you.

Walker: You're back?

You: Only so Buddy can handle my case.

Walker: Alright, let me get you up to speed first. We've got 5 teams, all led by a special agent. Buddy has one, I have one, and a few others too. But you're going to lead a team too.

You: Remember, it's only temporary.

Walker: Yeah, I know. Anyways, here's your team.

You and Walker went to the third floor. You saw something that shocked you.

Walker: Here's Travis, there's PiX, and here's Danny.


Danny: What are you talking about?


Walker: Calm down, Calm down. Your house was raided around 12:30, correct? Buddy told me. Anyways, Danny was here since 10:30.

You: Wait, you're...

Danny: What are you talking about?

PiX: ...This is the new leader? They couldn't do better?

Travis: Dunno...I guess not.

You: ...who're you? Some kind of ninja?

PiX: I've trained with the top ninja of the world. I'm top class, ranking with Star.

You: .....What?

Walker: Alright. I'll give you guys an hour or so to get to know each other. I'll assign your mission after that.

You had a choice. You could go to the Mall and get coffee to bond or finding out more about them. You chose to find out more about them

You: So, how did you guys become agents?

Travis: A friend of mine became a special agent too, so I made it my goal to become one too. But you walk in here and take the lead. Like the iTouch replacing the Shuffle.

You: ...Anyways, how'd you become an agent PiX?

PiX: I was already an agent, just for Japan. Japanese Agents are simply ninjas, even though I'm not Japanese. I transfered because Star wound up taking all the cases.

You:...All of them?

PiX: Yup, all of them.

You: And you, Danny.

He had laughed.

Danny: Walker took me off the streets. I had been the most fierce street thug, even had to keep my identity secret.

He had revealed part of his face, and he looked familiar.

You: Have we met somewhere before?

Danny: No.

You had been bothered with the situation. You just had a thought about where you knew him from, but Walker came in.

Walker: Alright, you guys are doing a robbery mission. Sir Vincent Skullfinder's Museum was robbed of its top exhibit. Go check out the scene.

You had a mission. You were also curious.

Where do I know Danny from?

Who wrecked my house?

Then, a phone rang. It was yours. You answered your phone. A Family member had answered.

???: Hey, cousin!

You: Luis? That you?

Luis: Yeah! Anyways, I've got terrible news...

His voice sounded dire. You continued to talk.

Luis: Auntie Shirley...she's missing!

You: What!?

Luis: Yeah. The police already came. Took her stuff and everything, it's evidence.

You: I-I understand. Now I've just got to talk to Walker!

Luis: What..?

You: Nevermind. Bye.

You hung up. You walked down and found Walker. You asked about Shirley's Absence.

Walker: I just didn't have the heart to tell you. So I didn't give you that mission either. But don't worry, we'll handle it.

Buddy had walked in.

Buddy: Hey, I heard about Shirley being kidnapped.



Buddy left the scene.

Walker: I'm sorry. They're demanding a ransom. Until then..


Walker had tried to leave, but you ran in front of him, stopping him.

Walker: ...Dankato.

Dankato. The same Dankato that had you become a murderer. The same Dankato that died. Or at least, you thought. Walker explained that his peanut allergy causes comas, not death. This lead to the assumption that he was only unconcious then, and that you're not a killer. So now, many questions arise.

Is this Dankato's Revenge?

What will happen with the Museum Case?

How can I get Aunt Shirley back?

Chapter 3: The Curator's Case

So you'd just found out about your kidnapped aunt. But you were told to stay off the mission. You kept arguing with Walker, and you two finally reached a compromise. You could help with that case once you were done with yours. So now, you had the freedom to go to Town and find the Museum. But something new was thrown into play.

Walker: Alright, you guys will be on your mission shortly. Just have to wait for your new member...

You: New Member?

Danny: It's Anthony.

Travis: He's my overrated cousin.

You: ...Overrated?

Travis: Yeah, he's supposedly popular. I don't see it.

You: Popular? As in...Charasmatic?

Travis: Yeah, I guess.

You had thought. You knew that charisma could come in handy later in the missions. Then, he walked in

Anthony: Hey, it's my geeky cousin!

Travis: Hello Ant.

PiX: So, this is him? Could be more...professional.

Anthony: So this is the agent gig?

Danny: I don't like him.

Travis: Ehh, he's annoying, but a nice guy overall I suppose.

You: Welcome to the team!

Walker: Now, is that everyone? I suppose it is. Anthony, I hope you know that the race for the position was tight. A girl named Poppy was also applying for that position.

You had recongnized the name, but ignored it. She didn't bring back positive memories.

You: So, we're going on a mission now?

Anthony: Yeah, I guess.

So your team went on the mission. It was a Museum run by Professor Luna and curated by Sir Vincent Skullfinder. You and your team walked around a bit and examined the missing exhibit. After analyzing the crime scene, you found a trail of footprints. After following it, you came to a broken security camera.

Professor Luna: Any leads?

You: Well, yes, and no. We got the camera, but it's kinda busted.

Travis: That won't be a problem.

Anthony: Travis should be able to fix it.

You: Really?

PiX: No he won't. There's no way that could be fixed.

Travis: I won't fix it, but I'll transfer the data from it to a computer. I just need a Flash Drive.

After searching around, you found Flash Drives in Vincent's office. You asked if you could use them, and you were coldly rejected.

Danny: Hmm...

Danny had his hand on his pistol. PiX came over and calmed him down.

PiX: The ninja excel in secrecy. I'll get the Flash Drives.

You played a mini-game as PiX, and were able to steal the Flash Drives.

Travis: Alright, now I just insert it here..there we go!

Travis had the flash drives. You took them back to the HQ and uploaded the video file to the computer. The video showed Vincent stealing the exhibit-THE NIGHTMARE CROWN. It had been exhibited there. There were files on the Flash Drive as well. They read "I've done as you said, captured her and everything. Your delivery should arrive shortly. That looked suspicious, and made you realize that Vincent kidnapped your aunt. You went down to the Museum and explained everything, and found a pistol pointed at your head.

Vincent: You know too much.

A group of KILL Staff surrounded you. This was a dire situation.

Danny: You got us...pretty good too.

Travis: Huh?

Danny: Execute Manuver 7!

Suddenly, PiX pulled out a nunchuck and started swinging in a circle. Danny had started firing stray bullets into the air, and the KILL members backed up.

Vincent: We have nothing to gain by being here.

Derek: I guess you're right.

The KILL members were able to leave. But they fired one last bullet at you. Then, a bang was heard. It came from Danny's gun. He had shot the bullet, and the two went astray.

You: Danny, you saved me?

Danny: Don't remind me.

Danny put his gun away. Anthony was stunned at what had happened. Travis had been calling Walker to report what had happened. PiX came back, and brought their attention to Professor Luna.

PiX: Don't worry mam, we'll get that exhibit back. Granted, it will most likely be relocated. This isn't the safest place after all.

Professor Luna: I understand.

So now, you finished your mission. Which ironically, lead to the case you wanted. Soon you'll be rescuing your aunt. Don't fail.

Chapter 4: Save My Soul

You knew your next case was to look into Aunt Shirley's Kidnapping. It was late, so you went back and rented an apartment. The Manager had told you to keep out of room 647. After looking around the hotel, you saw footprints from your room. They lead into Room 647. You walked in, and there was a flash. You had seen Dankato in the room. He pointed a gun at you, and you were helpless. The door had shut and locked from the other side, there was no escape.

Dankato: Well well, if it isn't you again.

You: I'm curious, how'd you survive?

Dankato: Put Simply, KILL Technology. I switched souls with my second son at my moment of death, then re-took my corpse thereafter.

You: So, you killed your son?

Dankato: The disappointment, yes. I let Danny live.


Dankato: Yes, not that it matters.

You grabbed a gun from your pocket, quickly, you both fired. Both shots were fatal, killing both of you.

Everything you worked for. Over. But your eyes were open in the moment of death, and so were your ears. You heard a shot outside the door, and your aunt's scream. Then it went black. Until, you saw someone. He had black hair and red eyes.

???: He's forsaken me too.

You: So you're Kato, huh?

Kato: Yes. I was born different, so I was killed. I'm the man who wants you dead.

You: What? We're already dead..aren't we?

Kato: I'm contacting you through KILL Technology. Dankato lied to you in your moment of death.

But suddenly, he disappeared. And a new vision came. Only this wasn't a vision. You had seen a hospital.

Danny: He's coming to.

Buddy: What were you doing at the Hotel? You got shot!


Suddenly, Walker came in. He spoke to you alone.

Walker: The Enhanced Genyll was found in the room with you.

You: What?

Walker: It's a machine made by KILL. It renders the victim unaware of what happens around them, and the enhanced version allows them to control your senses. Everything was fake.

You: It-It Can't be possible! So it was all an illusion?

Walker: They may've told you some correct information...

You: What?

Walker: Sit down..there's something I have to tell you. Dankato's dead. Always was. I told you that so you'd be interested in the missions, because your arch rival is still out there.

You: Anything Else.

Walker sighed.

Walker: The true Villan, the one that caused the kidnapping of your aunt..that's Kato. He wants to avenge Dankato and get revenge on you.

You: Why? I never even met the guy...

Walker: Kato is Dankato's son, and so is Danny. I rescued Danny from a terrible place, but Kato was forced to live there his whole life. I even had to send an ambulance over cause he got shot. He had no money, all because his father is dead.

You: So..I did him..

Walker: Dankato deserved to die..

You: There's one thing though...why'd they use the Genyll? And did you actually see them when you found me?

Walker: Isn't it obvious? You were shot. And no, I didn't see them when I came. It was just an empty room.

You: And that Manager...

Walker: It was a KILL Member in disguise. We actually have him in custody.

A few shots were heard in a room nearby. But it wasn't a hospital room. It was to be used to interrogate the KILL Member, Derek. You ran in to find Danny, shot. And, you found Anthony, dead.

You: Danny! Anthony!

Danny had been hospitalized, and was still unconcious. Anthony was clearly dead, and was taken to a morgue. Derek was gone.

Walker: There's no real point in you staying here any longer. We've checked your apartment complex for any KILL Agents, it's safe. I'll give you a report on Danny in the AM.

You went to your hotel and fell asleep. Only, you were awoken by a person. Sort of...

Anthony: ..Boss? You there?

You: What the!? You're dead!

Anthony: I know. But my soul remains here. I promised to be a part of the team, and the universe won't let my soul free.

You: You want to die?

Anthony: In this state, I'm already dead. No one can notice me unless I met them while I was alive. That's why I ask you to save my soul.

You: Maybe the universe wants you to finish your job...

Anthony: I'll do it! I can manipulate small objects, think that would be useful?

You: Yeah, it probably would be.

Anthony: Can you do me one more favor though?

You: What is it?

Anthony: Explain all this to Travis please..I-I can't bring myself to do that. I was a fool. An unarmed agent is like a sitting duck.

You: Ah.

Anthony: And..apologize to Danny for me too please..

You: What?

Anthony: Danny tried to save me by shooting Derek...but he got shot in the process. Now he may be joining me soon..

Back at KILL Headquarters....

Kato: You shot him with the G(-)057 Bullets?! What's wrong with you!?

Derek: Please...forgive me...

Kato: I'm afraid I won't be showing mercy on a mission this important.

Derek was shot by Kato.

You had fallen back to sleep, and sure enough, Anthony was waiting for you. You headed straight to the HQ to break the news to Travis. You explained what had happened, and Anthony's Ghost appeared.

Travis:'re dead?

Anthony: Yes. Only people who I knew before death are those whom I can talk with.

Travis: I-I just can't believe it.

You had continued talking with Travis. Suddenly, Walker came by. Only one thing. He had red eyes and was ghastly pale.

You: Walker? You alright there?

Anthony: He doesn't look it.

Suddenly, PiX entered through the door.

PiX: We have to go, now!

You: What?

PiX: They're using the Genyll again! They're gonna blow up the HQ!

PiX then shot everyone. Only the bullets cured the Genyll, and disappeared along with the Illusion.

PiX: There's no time, we've gotta-

Suddenly, the HQ blew up. It was completely wrecked, and arriving from a helicopter was Kato.

Kato: Well..look who's here.

He grabbed his gun. You were already immobile, having a large piece of rock fallen on top of you.

Kato: Goodbye.

But then, something weird happened. The gun itself exploded.

Kato: Hmm..this piece of rubbish. Esma, toss me your gun.

Esma: Yes your master.

Esma handed Kato the gun, and he shot again. And again, it exploded.

Kato: Alright, enough with the funny games. I'm talking to you, Anthony.

You had no clue what was happening. Until you heard a voice.

Anthony: I'm helping. It appears I've been given some abilities in this "Ghost" state.

Kato: Look, I can bring you back to life. Just reposses the TV, and I'll be able to communicate.

You had switched to play as Anthony, and walked into the TV. Then, the screen played "How do you know me?"

Kato: Look, Derek was my agent. He shot you. With some "Ghost" Bullets. They gave you afterlife and ghost abilities. Derek explained everything. Now, this can benefit both of us. I can bring you back to life. In return, the ghost abilities cannot be used against me. Because you'll lose them.

Anthony: Anything that helps you, I won't do.

Kato: Well, I'll just capture your little friend here.

Kato had went to kidnap you. There was nothing Anthony could do. But you weren't frightened. This was your chance to save Shirley. Kato had taken you into a jet, and took off.

Chapter 5: KILL's Goals

You and Kato had been talking.

You: Why are you so avengeful?

Kato had turned around, and you continued.

You: Danny wasn't like this. Nor will he ever be.

Kato: He still hates you. But he got the better end of the deal, he didn't endure the suffering I did. And if it weren't for Walker, he'd kill you.

Kato looked out the window. He then looked back at you.

Kato: We're here.

You peered out the window, tied up. You had seen the ocean.

Kato had opened the window and thrown you out.


And so you fell, and fell, and fell. Then everything went black. You awoke to a new world, or, to you at least.

???: You think she's/he's alive?

??: I dunno..SHE/HE looks dead. We'll need to head over to Isaac and Shepard's district, they've got all the examiners there. We should be there in a few minutes.

Then, you heard a few shots.

???: We're being fire on! We're being fired on!

??: I'm gonna get Captain Morrigan. Grab a gun and fire out from the window, our plane's guns are down!

He left, and the first person started firing using a gun. Then, you heard a familiar voice.

Anthony: [NAME]! [NAME]! Are you there!?

You: Anthony?

???: Who're you talking to?

Anthony: Yeah, I followed you throw the plane, and I also threw this plan off course and opened the top to catch you.

You: saved me?

???: What? Yeah..I..guess..?

Anthony: Yeah, but Kato noticed. He's probably the one firing on the plane. Also..the plane's gun is down cause the top kinda crushed it...

You: Wait, why don't you try repossessing the plane then.

???: What? You're dilussional. You probably got some brain damage from the fall.

You: Alright, go Anthony.

???: Who's Anthony?

Anthony went to disable the other plane's gun. You and the first person kept talking.

You: Sorry, I probably confused you. But everything's fine. The other plane should be disabled any second now...don't ask.

???: Okay..Anyways, I'm Elliot.

You: Hi Elliot..where am I?

Elliot: You're on a War-Plane. We protect our Country's border. But this plane isn't a country's, which is weird.

You: His name is Kato, CEO of KILL.

Elliot: ..Kato? As in..DanKato?

You: Yes. I'm the person who killed Dankato. And now Kato wants to avenge his father by killing me.

Elliot: Dankato was my partner..until he went rogue. Then he met some Morcubus character.

You: Yes. Morcubus died, and Dankato wanted to fulfill Morcubus's Dying Wish, capturing the Nightmare Crown. Which is where Kato will go next if he kills me. Then the entire world will be doomed.

Elliot: I didn't think Dankato would get into trouble like that. It's almost depressing.

Anthony came back.

Anthony: Okay, the plane is about to explode.

You: Good, maybe this will finally end Kato.

Anthony: You want him dead?

You: No, it would be befitting if he fell to the same enemy his father did, proving he's about as strong as him.

Elliot: There you go again!

You: Sorry. But again, it's Kato. He shot my friend, and somehow, my friend is a ghost now.

Elliot: You sure you don't have brain damage?

You: Anthony, go on that screen right there.

Anthony: Okay.

The screen then displayed "Hello, I'm Anthony. I know, this may be hard for you to take in at once."

Suddenly, the second person came in as well as the supposed Captain Morrigan.

??: He's awake!

Elliot: Yeah. By the way, that's Rios, and that's Morrigan.

Morrigan: Captain Morrigan to you.

You: Okay...anyways, the other plane is going.

The other plane exploded, and you saw a corpse fall into the water. But was it Kato?

You: Hey Anthony, go check and see who it is.

The screen displayed "Alright, be back in a second."

Morrigan: What's going on?

You: Look, I need to get back to my HQ. I'm an agent from New SimCity.

Rios: New SimCity, eh? That's sorta far from here, and you might need a medical examination..

Elliot: We're in his debt, he just downed the other plane.

Morrigan: Alright, the agent can go back. I'll go turn the plane's direction.

Morrigan left, and Anthony came back.

You: Anthony, any news?

Anthony: wasn't Kato. It was a person named "Yuki", according to her convenient name tag.

You: Alright. Anyways, we're headed back to New SimCity.

Anthony: Good.

Rios: Uhh..who is he talking to..?

Elliot: You get used to it.

Within a day, you arrived back to your city. Relieved to see nothing had changed. You had to find a telephone and make a call.

Chapter 6: Mission Success..Or Failure?

You had gotten back to New SimCity. You made a call to Travis, finding that there is no HQ. They've been meeting in the Park the past day. You walked from Main Street to the park, and found Travis, Danny, PiX and Walker, upset for some reason.

Anthony: Why are they so upset?

You: I dunno. Hey Travis!

Travis: I'm still surprised you lived. We even called the funeral home. Speaking of that, we should get to the Funeral Home.

You: What?

PiX: We had a mission to rescue your aunt...

You: Sh-She died?!

Walker: No. The Mission was led by Buddy. Your aunt was found by Buddy in a KILL warehouse. She was tied up, and it took time for him to untie her. By the time she was untied, Buddy was at gunpoint. Shirley and Buddy ran away, and hid behind some crates. Shirley ran, and Buddy said He'd finish off the KILL Member.

You: ..What? He was always a bit cowardly..

Walker: He stepped up since you left the Agency. He became brave. But he didn't become smarter. The Guy took out a liter and threw it at Buddy. He easily dodged it.

You: I don't see the problem...

PiX: He hid behind Crates of Gunpowder.

You were in shock. Buddy made such an idiotic move, and died for it.

You: So...he's dead?

Travis: Yeah.

Danny: The KILL Member was killed in the blast too.

You had remembered Danny was hurt.

You: Danny!? You're alright?

Danny: Yeah.

You: got shot! You're lucky to be standing!

Danny: Yeah, I just deal with the pain.

Walker: Danny's tough. He's had his whole life rough, he can deal with it.

Danny: It's not the first time I got shot anyways.

PiX: We should head to Buddy's Funeral..

You: This quickly? He just died..

Travis: Buddy left his will, saying that he wanted a quick funeral. We owe him that much.

You: I suppose you're right..

You began to cry. Suddenly, the limo pulled up.

Walker: Alright, let me know how it is. [YOUR NAME] and I need to talk.

PiX: Alright.

PiX, Travis and Danny left. It was just you, Walker and Anthony.

You: Why do we need to talk?

Walker: To set up a mission to end kill.

And so you did. You plotted and plotted. Until you find yourself twined in a plot.

Chapter 7: Danny 2.0

You and Walker had begun thinking about intercepting a delivery to KILL. The limo didn't leave yet, which was suspicious. But then Danny walked in.

Danny: Travis and PiX have gone to KILL! They're betraying us!

You: What?

Walker: What's the meaning of this?

Danny: He put a gun up to my head. I ran.

You: What the Hell?

Walker: Hmm...

You: I'll grab a gun, are they outside?

Danny: Probably.

Danny grabbed you a gun and gave it to you. You walked outside, and asked them why they were betraying you.

You: So Danny tells me you're a traitor.

PiX: What? That doesn't make any sense...

Travis: Yeah, Danny's-

You interrupted.

You: I don't wanna hear it.

Suddenly, you heard gunshots from the makeshift HQ. You ran in to see what happened, and found Walker on the ground, suffering from a bullet wound. And Danny, holding the gun. He pointed it at you.

You: What the..?

Danny: Goodbye [NAME]. You were always terrible.

You had tried to shoot. And then saw that your gun was empty.

Travis: This doesn't make any sense..

Danny: Shut up!

PiX's eyes were dead red. Which was odd.

PiX: It's Not...

Suddenly, a shot was heard. Each second passed by as an hour. You wondered what would happen. But the shot was fired back at Danny, but missed.

Anthony: It's a robot!

Travis: Danny rode his skateboard there. Limos were too flashy.

Danny: SHUT UP!

PiX: He's right..

Danny: SHUT UP!!

Anthony got a gun and was ready to fire.

Danny: I wouldn't do that if I were you!

You: And why would that be?

Danny: I'm a bomb. If I get shot, kaboom. You all die, and I'll be replaced. It's my ultimate destiny.

You: And what's preventing us from just leaving?

Danny: I don't think you'd want to leave Walker by himself..he could die easily. And I could shoot him some more. Your choice.

You thought there was no way to win. You'd been beaten.

Danny: Now, show me to the fortunite and I don't kill you.

You: Never.

PiX: You want the fortunite? I'll lead you to it.

Danny: Very well.

You: No!

PiX: We've been bested. Follow me.

Danny and PiX walked inside. He found the fortunite.

PiX: Here you go. Now get out.

Danny grabbed the shotgun.

Danny: I'm afraid you're about to die.

PiX: Don't think so. Now that we're at a far enough distance..

Danny: What?

PiX stabbed Danny with Kunai. His wiring was visible, and revealed some differences from the real Danny.

Danny: You fool, you'll die now too!

PiX: Substitution Jutsu!

Danny: What the-

Suddenly, the Danny Bot Exploded.

You: PiX, where'd you learn that?

PiX: I'm a ninja, I posses the Sharingan too. That's how I knew he was a bot. The Substitution Jutsu can't be used too often, it weakens me. But I knew I had to do that.


PiX: One of KILL's Plots. Danny's probably just at the Funeral. And that was a good plan too.

Walker: Well-Well done.

You: You alright?

Walker: Yeah, he missed me. It was my blood sugar that put me down.

PiX; Diabetes?

Walker: Yeah...give me some sugar...please.

Travis pulled a lollipop out of his pocket and threw it at Walker. Walker started eating it.

You: Walker, you need an ambulance?

Walker: I'll be fine kid. Just head over to Buddy's funeral.

Suddenly, Danny ran in.

Danny: The corpse was stolen!

You: What?!

Travis: KILL's plotted this.

PiX: You're right. Tonight, I fear there will be one less person among our team.

Danny: ...What?

PiX: KILL sent a robot over here. They designed in like you, so it'd trick us. I defeated him, but the HQ's top floor got damaged.

Danny: Everyone's alright?

You: Yeah, we're all fine.

Walker:'s the perfect opportunity.

You: You're back up on your feet?

Walker: Yeah. And I have a plan. We divide into two teams. One lead by me, one lead by [NAME].

PiX: They're aren't enough people.

Walker: Which is why I'm calling in some international agents.

You: Allow me to do the honors.

You called Elliot. You saw a phone number on the plane.

Elliot: Hey, it's you again!

You: How'd you know...

Elliot: Caller ID, saw your name.

You: Oh, right. Anyways, how fast can your team get to New SimCity, the park to be exact.

Elliot: We're patrolling it right now.

You: Alright, get here as fast as possible.

Within five minutes, Elliot arrived.

Walker: Agent Morrigan?

Morrigan: Well, if it isn't Walker. It's been a while, hasn't it?

You: You two know each other?

Walker: We apprenticed the same Special Agent. Morrigan was given a role in the war, only top agents go there. Should they desire to.

Elliot: I was recruited, along with Rios.

Walker: Alright, so here's the plan....

Chapter 8: The Mission Begins

You had gone off with your team. Walker lead Morrigan, Elliot and Rios. On this mission, you will control Walker and his team as well as yours. You were tracking Buddy's DNA to KILL HQ. Your team followed behind.

Walker: Alright, it looks like we're here. Ready?

Elliot: We're just the bait, right?

Walker: Yeah. Alright, Morrigan, get the wheel. Elliot and Rios, Man the Machine Guns.

Rios: Alright.

Walker's team started to fire at KILL Headquarters.


Kato had received a transmission from one of the guards.

Kato: What is it?

Guard: They're firing at us! They've got machine guns!

Kato: What!? Fire at all costs! Go get the rockets. We just got a shipment from the warehouse.

Guard: Yes Sir!

On the ground...

You: Alright, ready guys? Walker's gonna have the plane shoot some of the guards. The guards back here will run over there, making our part easier. This way we don't have to fight more guards.

Danny: Where's PiX?

Anthony: I can't detect his presence...

You: Uhh...

Travis: We're into the mission already, there's not too much we can do.

Danny: But how'd he just disappear?

Anthony: I don't detect him anywhere here..

Danny: So he's a coward then. Figures.

You: No time for that, just remain hidden.

Back on the Plane...

Rios: Uhh, boss, we're taking hits. Big ones too.

Walker: What?

Morrigan: Uh-oh, I gotta flip the plane. A Rocket is headed straight for us.

There was an explosion.

Morrigan: We're going down! Grab the Parachutes and Jump!

Rios: If we jump, they'll just shoot, and we're doomed!

Elliot: Just grab a gun and jump!


Guard: Their plane is about to crash, what should we do?

Kato: They'll probably jump, just shoot them. It's the best oppurtunity. Need any more guards?

Guard: That would be nice...

Kato: Very well. Now, get off the transmissions.

Guard: Yes sir!

Kato: Guards, go away, I can take care of myself.

Guards: Yes sir!

On the ground...

Head Guard: We've all been ordered to go at the front.

Guards: Yes sir!

You: Now's our chance, go!

Your team went into the building.

Back at Walker's Team...

Walker: You heard her, grab a gun, a parachute, and jump! Now!

Walker, Rios and Elliot jumped. They all had guns, but started to wonder about Morrigan.

Rios: Where's Morrigan!?

Walker: I'm not sure...

Elliot: We've got bigger problems!

Guards: There they are! Shoot them!

Walker: Just shoot!

Suddenly, the plane crashed into KILL Headquarters.


Elliot: Pay attention, you're gonna get shot!

Suddenly, they began aiming for the parachutes.

Walker: Crap! I gotta hole in my parachute!

After that, several more bullets shot down Walker.


Then, they started to hit Elliot.

Elliot: I'm going down!

Rios: NO!

Elliot fell, being surrounded by guards.

Rios: NO!

Rios started shooting crazily.

Rios: They won't die! They can't!

Suddenly, he heard a shout from the ground.


Rios: No!

On the Ground...

Guards: We'll just tie them up and shoot them. I guess that'll work.

The guard became pale, and his eyes bulged out. More guards started witnessing this symptoms. Until, all of the guards did. They all fell down, revealing knives stuck in their back.

Walker: What just happened?

PiX: Mission Success. Come on out Kage & Star.

Kage: Hmph.

Star: Good, at least we were able to save them.

Elliot: What's going on?

PiX: I've had a lot of experience with fishing, my friend.

Elliot: What?

PiX: It doesn't work out too well for the bait. You guys were the bait. I strayed from [NAME]'s team. I knew this would be my mission. And I called Star too.

Rios fell from the sky safely.

Rios: Who are those guys?

Walker: One of them is one of [NAME]'s agents. They saved us. You would've died too.

Rios: now?

Elliot: We carry out the mission. Recover Buddy's corpse and Back up [NAME]'s team.

Chapter 9: Kato Gets Killed..?

So, Walker's team along with PiX's friends went into the compound. Your team had already entered.

Travis: So, where are we gonna find Kato.

You: He's probably hiding in a bunker in the ground. We'll probably have to blow this place up to find it.

Danny: We're not gonna damage anything here. The technology could be used to better simkind, should it be used for good purposes.

You: I suppose so, but I make no promises.

Danny: Considering you have no explosives, I'll agree to that.

You: Fine...

Danny had acted suspiciously. You were keeping an eye on him.

Back at Walker's Team...

Walker: We should be nearing the corpse. But we have to find Kato first.

Rios: Why?

PiX: We spent too much time rescuing you.

Elliot: He can get away you know.

Rios: Alright..but what about Morrigan?

Walker had stopped.


Walker had went to the Crash Site. Your team heard and approached.

Travis: Why're we headed here?

Anthony: To regroup, take a head count.

You: Exactly.

Danny: I see them.

Both teams met in a bright room. Its walls were completely metal. There, you saw Morrigan, with her gun pointed at Kato.

Morrigan: I have him.

Walker: Job well done. Now shoot!

Morrigan: We may be able to get some questioning out of him.

Then, there was a shot. And Danny held the gun. And Morrigan, was the one trembling.


Danny: She has a KILL Emblem on her jacket. She was gonna betray us.


Kato had clapped.

Kato: But he was right. Hello once more, my best enemies. Tonight will be your last night.

You: What makes you say that?

Kato: Simply because I can destroy the compound within seconds. Your entire team would die.

You were distraught.

Kato: Make a decision. If you turn yourself into my custody, I'll let your team go. You can have the Former Bellhop's corpse, I have no reason to keep it.

You: ...Fine.

PiX: Not without the Genyll.

Kato: I don't know what you're talking about.

PiX: Give us the genyll.

Kato: No. Never.

Star had grabbed her kunai (throwing knives).

Kato: One more thing.

Rios: What would that be?

Kato: The second I saw you come here, I sent my guards to your HQ as well. They're recovering the Fortunite. Time to leave, wouldn't you agree?

PiX: I'll go to the HQ.

Kato: You've got no method of leaving. The exits are all locked.

PiX ran. Elliot followed.

Kato: They won't get far. Now, what's your decision.

You: I'll stay with you, as long as you don't kill me.

Kato: Don't you know a thing about animals? They like to torture their prey before they kill it. As for the rest of you, you'll remain prisoner here. Until the Genyll is secured, got it? Now, allow me to confiscate all weapons.

Kato took all the weapons and locked your team in an empty room.


PiX was using a Communication jutsu to call a friend.

PiX: How fast can you bomb KILL HQ? And make it so no one gets hurt.

???: I can try my weakest bomb, but I make no promises. It's a chemical bomb, it'll take a while to get to you.

PiX: Good. Admist the chaos I'll be able to rescue them.

Back with You and Kato...

Kato: So tell me, how does it feel to have left a child away from home?

You: Terrible. It was my only option. I wish I could've done something else.


Kato grabbed a knife. He held it close to your neck.

Kato: You enjoyed killing him, you cold hearted murderer!


Kato: Oh, I'm not too worried about it. You want your friend back, Fine. COME OUT COME OUT WHERE EVER YOU ARE!

Anthony had whispered to you.

Anthony: This guy is nearing insanity.

You: I know.


He took out the genyll.

Anthony: I'm here. Just fire it up.


Kato then turned the Genyll on. Anthony's Ghost Body became visible to everyone, and then became human.

Anthony: I'm...ALIVE?!?

Kato: Great, now get in that prison cell over there. I'll escort you.

What Kato didn't know, was that something else was transpiring at the same moment. A Guard Came Running in.

Guard: We got a flying object up in the sky. Identified as SPA Technology.

Kato: Handle it!

Guard: We'll need you. We're short on men.

Kato: GAH! Fine, let's go.

Kato locked Anthony up before he left. But he forgot about you.


PiX: Jimmy can't spot us, we'll have to flag him down!

Rios: What?!

PiX: Just make some noise.

Rios pulled some loose gunpowder out of his pocket. They found a liter on the floor.

PiX: This'll have to do. Back up!

Rios threw the gunpowder in the air, and PiX threw the liter. Being it was in the air, the wall caught fire, according to plan.

PiX: He'll notice us now! Just back up though!

Rios: It's not that hot.

Part of the wall came down.


Rios didn't answer. He was crushed under burning ceiling.


Rios: I'm..finshed.jst..rn...

It was hard for PiX to make out what he said. But then he realized, he was told to run.

Suddenly, the bomb came down.


PiX used the jutsu.



PiX wiped his head on everything. The walls collapsed. As the walls collapsed, You had freed everyone on your team and were exiting the building.

You: Alright, Head Count!

Danny: PiX and Rios aren't here.

Travis: They're probably responsible for the distraction...well played PiX.

Danny: Yeah, but it looks like the end of the line for them.


You: PIX!

PiX: I got them to bomb this place...

PiX had paused to catch his breath.

PiX: Rios was killed.

PiX paused again.


PiX passed out.

Danny had put two fingers on PiX's neck.

Danny: He's got a pulse.

You: Alright, he'll need medical attention. Now, where's this plane.

The plane had landed.

Jimmy: You're PiX's friends, right?

You: Uhh...yeah...

Jimmy: Good, get in. This place is gonna explode.

Everyone piled in the aircraft. You took off, and KILL's HQ Exploded.

Chapter 10: The Resolution?

Your team had arrived back to the HQ. You found it wrecked.

Walker: THE HQ!


You: We can redo the HQ.

Danny: Are you all stupid? Get PiX to a hospital.

Jimmy: I'll take him. I trained with him, I owe him.

You: Alright. But let me get something out of the plane.

You went into the plane.

Walker: Now they can power up the Genyll..and..

Travis: All hope is lost.

Anthony: Yeah....

You: Don't think anything'll happen. At least, if they don't have this.

You showed that you were carrying the Genyll.

Walker: You took it?

You: Yeah, I wasn't gonna let them get the fortunite. I got it when no one was looking.

Then, the main dashboard inside the HQ turned on, and had Kato on it.

Kato: Well played. What's say we settle this once and for all? Gun Fight.

You: No. Violence isn't the answer.

Kato: It was to kill my father!

You: That was once Violence was already threatened upon me. I don't deal the cards.

Kato: I will avenge my father! Fight me, or I'll bomb New SimCity.

You: No.


Walker began to cry.

You: Why're you...crying?

Walker: I've contributed to Kato and Danny's suffering. I'm their uncle and legal godfather.


Walker: I deserve it. I was assigned a mission to kill my own brother. I caught him, but I just couldn't do it.

You: So you let him get away, hoping I would catch him. And Kill him.

Walker: Yes. And so you did. And after that, I couldn't bear the shame. I couldn't face Danny or Kato anymore. I couldn't talk to you after you quit. But I knew about Kato's plot. So I needed to recruit Danny, and you. Because you two were the only ones who could defeat him.

Danny held a gun to Walkers head.

Danny: Don't..move...

Walker: I deserve it...

Danny had shot the dashboard.

Travis: I told him that they were implanting a tick in the dashboard through WiFi as we speak, that's why the coding was there. In other words, they were gonna listen in to our next move.

You: Ah. But..what is our next move? KILL is pretty much destroyed..

Walker: But Kato won't rest until he gets the fortunite. The question is, will we attempt to Kill him?

Danny: He deserves to die.

You: I know, but we lost Rios in that last attempt..are we willing to risk it?

Walker: I'm not sure.

Danny: PiX endured similar suffering as Rios did. He should be the one to decide...once he becomes well, that is.

Elliot: I agree with Danny

Star: As do I.

Kage: Hmph.

One week later....

Doctor: You may now see PiX L. Perfect.

You: Thanks.

You entered PiX's room. His hair was stained white.

Danny: How're you doing?

PiX: Great for the damage I took.

Travis: What happened to your hair?!

PiX: The Chemical Explosive fell on my head. I'm lucky to have not blown up.

Walker: We're in a dilemma.

Elliot: We all agreed that you should decide the next move.

PiX: We kill Kato. We still need to recover Buddy's corpse. And now, Rios's.

You: But how?

PiX: I took this before we left.

He dug in his pocket. He took out twenty cents, which had made you think he was nearing insanity.

You: What's special about that?

PiX: This was carved from the fortunite. What they got was a replica.

You: So...we have complete control to the Genyll.

PiX: Pretty much. We can use it to kill Dankato.

You: We shouldn't.

Star: Why?

Danny: What if it were lost in a skirmish? It's better off destroyed. He has no power anymore, so there's nothing stopping us from going all-out on him.

PiX Smiled.

PiX: I won't be ready for that mission, but it sounds like a plan. I won't be out for at least two weeks.

Danny: Alright, so we have a plan now. Travis, get working on a tracker. I found a hair of his.

Travis: what?

Danny: His brush. All of have of him from our childhood.

Travis: Alright.

Danny: Hang in there, PiX.

PiX: Will do.

Everyone left, except PiX of course. They all went back to the ransacked HQ.

Travis: Halfway done with a tracker.

Anthony: Good.

20 Minutes Later...

Travis: Finished!

Danny: Good. I'll take that.

It scanned the DNA. It located Kato at an Apartment Building in New SimCity, your town.

Danny: So...he's in the Clock Circle Apartment Building. Room 2D.

Travis: How are we gonna pull this off? The public shouldn't be aware of this threat they live right next to.

Anthony: Agreed. Hmm...perhaps I can provide a distraction.

Chapter 11: Mission Preparation

Anthony: Alright, I got my acoustic.

Danny: I got the set of Forks.

Travis: I've got the Duffle Bag.

Walker: I have the ladder.

You: And...I got the water gun.

Anthony: Alright, we're ready. But we have to make sure Kato will be home for this.

Elliot: Leave that to me. I'll be your eye in the sky.

Anthony: This mission will be a secure victory.

You: And just how do you assume that?

Danny: His plan. Not like we have anyone else to follow.

Then, there was a problem.

Guard: You're coming with us.

Danny: Doubt it.

Danny pulled out a gun. The guards did too.

Guard 2: Look, Kato only wants Danny, [NAME] and Walker. Danny won't even be hurt.

Danny: Tell him he could go to hell, and he will. You'll see him there, don't worry.

Danny shot.

Guard 3: Big Mistake. IGNITE!

Danny: What?

Then, a fourth guard launched a flaming arrow at the HQ. Danny shot everyone in sight.


Guard 4: Never!

He pulled out a gun and started shooting. Then, a blast was heard. It was Kato, holding a trigger to TNT.

Kato: Finally, YOU'RE MINE!

The TNT went off. Everyone got out of the building. Travis was a bit singed as were you, but no serious injuries.


Guard 7: Listen to boss! Shoot!

Kato left. He thought everyone was dead amist the smoke cloud created by the TNT.

Guard 5: See any of em?

Guard 6: Yeah! Keep shooting!

One by one, they all went down. Star was using the same technique that they used to rescue Rios with here. They were dying easily. Except one, whom had pulled out his sword.

Guard 7: Hmph.

Star: It can't be..

Guard 7: But it is! Why do you think I never talked! It was to hide my identity.

Travis: Who-

Then, Guard 7 was shot.

Danny: I knew something was up with Kage. Everyone alright?

Star looked at her trainee. He was dying with a twitching eye.


Star stabbed him.

Star: Filthy traitor.

Anthony: We got everything we bought, right?

Travis: Yeah, but I still don't see how this will help.

Then, everyone turned around to see Danny staring at his mask.

Danny: My Mask..

He saw the bullet hole. The mask saved his life.

Anthony: Just get a new one. Anyways, we should probably all head home. Meet back here tommorrow at 1:00 PM for mission details.

Chapter 12: The Deadly Guitar

Anthony's plan went into action. Everyone had Walkie-Talkies to communicate. Elliot went to go check up in the sky.

Elliot: Yep, the lights are on and I can see him through the window. Mission's a go.

Anthony: Alright, I'm headed to their room.

Anthony knocked, and two guards answered. Anthony was in disguise, wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses, and Bandana as a scarf.

Anthony: Hello, could you please give me a moment of your team.

Guard 1: What is it?

Anthony: I'd like to perform for you two. If you'd please step outside, that'd be great.

Guard 2: Alright...

Anthony began playing. The two guards loved his music. Anthony was a truly fantastic musician. He then began singing.

Anthony: And after he went, his father died, his guardian lied, all the time he spent, was etched away...

Guard 1: Nicely done.

Anthony: Thanks, but there's more to it.

Star fell from the ceiling and stabbed both guards. Being the door was closed, Kato had no clue what happened. Anthony and Star entered the apartment, and the rest of your team followed through the window, climbing up a ladder.

You: Hello Kato, hiding out here?

Kato: Guards! Seize them!

Anthony opened the door a little so Kato could see the two murdered guards. Kato tried to jump out the window, but you put a gun up to him. He stopped.

Danny: Now, cooperate us and you'll live in prison. Don't cooperate and you'll die.

Kato: Danny, my dear brother..

Danny: Shut, Up!

Danny gave a warning shot, just missing Kato.

Kato: Please, no!

You: We want to know what happened to Buddy and Rios's corpses.

Kato: Never! I'll never tell you!

Walker: Travis, bring out the water gun.

Travis took it out.

Kato: And what do you think that'll do.

Walker: Watch.

Walker sprayed Kato's eye.


Walker: Bleach.

Kato: AHHH!

Walker: It won't kill you.

Danny: Now for the forks. I sharpened 'em myself. They hurt a lot, and last a while since they don't kill you.

Danny wrestled Kato and pinned him down. He then stabbed him with a fork. Then two. Then three. Then so on.




Kato: No.

Danny reached for the trigger.

Kato: WAIT!

Danny: What'd you do to them?

Kato: I tore them limb from limb!

Danny shot.

Danny: Rot in Hell. I don't care if you're my brother. The duffle bag please, Travis.

Danny packed Kato and his two guards in the bag. They brought it back to your hotel room, across the city.

Danny: Alright, he's gone.

You: Yeah.. now about my house...

Danny: Relax, I did it, alright. Walker had construction workers redo it, even better than before.

You had smiled.

Chapter 13: The End.

So, everything worked itself out. You moved back into your house, and became Walker's equal. There was an opening since Buddy's death. You visited the cemetery once a week, every week, to mourn Buddy. He died saving your aunt. You worked with Danny, PiX, Anthony and Travis for a while after. Anthony had been taking on a more dominant role, and Danny became a second leader. PiX recovered with his stained hair. He had no brain damage, which was a miracle. Elliot went back to SkyForce Central, where he regrouped into the Space Division with Commander Shepard and Isaac. Star and Jimmy went back to Japan and served as agents there. The HQ was rebuilt within a month. Kato had finally got what he wanted; to be with his father. KILL was later abolished. It would've declared bankruptcy had it not been abolished by the government. The Genyll became a distant memory, forgotten by everyone. And, a new mystery was to emerge from these forgotten memories.


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MySims Agents The Future Mystery Trailer

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