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Games created by OY Games


Two years after the events of MySims Agents, the agents had gotten an emergancy call from Walker. Walker then tells them that Brandi, Esma and Yuki are re-creating MorcuCorp and are hiring new employees. Next, he tells them that there is no sign of Morcubus yet.


Bus Areas

  • The Town
  • Shirley's Salon
  • Gino's Pizzaria
  • Luis' Newsstand
  • Town Hall
  • Main Street
  • The Boardwalk
  • Luke's Surf Shack
  • Justice's Tatoo Parlor
  • Watanabe Sushi
  • Chaz's EXTREME stunt arena
  • Turkey on a Fork
  • The Beach
  • Industrial District
  • Dr. F's labratory
  • Club Candy
  • Gabby's Junkyard
  • The Underground Tunnels
  • MorcuCorp Headquarters
  • Castle Gate
  • Operations Room
  • "The MorcuLair"
  • The MorcuCorp sound lair
  • The MorcuGirls' Room
  • Main Foyer
  • HQ

Jet Areas

  • Nightshade Manor (Boudreaux Mansion in MSA)
  • Library
  • Bathroom
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Fortunite Room
  • Jungle Temple
  • The tall tree
  • The Spirit Temples
  • Night
  • Day
  • Sir Vincent's Campsite
  • The Temple
This is a game created by OY Games, or one of it's subcompanies.

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