Special Mission
MySims Agents sequel
Developer(s) Animal X-It Games
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Release date Unknown
Genre Action
Mode(s) Story Mode
Multiplayer Battle
Co-Op Story Mode
Rating(s) ESRB - E
Platform(s) Nintendo DS, PSP
Media Discs or Cartridges


Headline: Thief V Escaped!
Thief V, also known as Vincent Skullfinder, has broken out of jail, and has gone on a stealing frenzy, stealing random items, such as a television, a spatula, a uranium isitote, and a car tire. You have been hired by the SDA, the SIM Detective Agency, to find out what he's dong and why.


Story Mode

Story Mode is the main mode of the game. It is the mode that is most played by players.

Co-Op Story Mode

Play Story Mode with up to 3 friends (or random people) online!


Main Article: Portal:MySims Agents: Morcubus Returns!! Characters (Handheld)
There are many sims that you encounter on your journey as an agent. Many nice sims, and many evil sims. Some sims are Tim, Chaz, T.O.B.O.R., Thief V and Morcubus.

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