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Games created by OY Games

MySims Agents: MorcuCorp Mischief is the sequel to MySims Agents. It is considered a very long game, and is for the Wii. A neat feature is that if you have a file of MySims Agents on your Wii, it can (by choice) import a file from that game. The imported sim keeps everything, including Name, Appearance, Voice and HQ (including Recruits)


(From the original MySims Agents)
When Morcubus stole the Nightmare Crown from the agents that helped a mysterious Evelyn Gray, by finding it. When Morcubus, Brandi and Esma showed up and took it, Morcubus activated it and sent himself and Evelyn into the Nightmare Realm.

Agent Walker, after a long period of time, spotted Nightmare Realm portals popping up everywhere. Some agents of your's went with him and brought Evelyn back to the HQ, and let Morcubus escape.

(In MySims Agents: MorcuCorp Mischief)
Morcbus, and the MorcuCorp employees have been in jail for a year, but have recently been let out by an anonymous woman. After MorcuCorp tracked down the girl, she was secretly an undercover agent for an even bigger corporation called NefariCorp. Morcubus then tells the girl, Morgan, to tell her boss to come to MorcuCorp for a meeting.

This is a game created by OY Games, or one of it's subcompanies.

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