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MySims Adventure is a fan-made game in the MySims series, and the sequel to MySims Kingdom. The game is created exclusively for the Wii U and Nintendo Nobis, and is the sequel to MySims Kingdom.


Taking place a few months after MySims Kingdom, You, and your two companions Buddy and Lyndsay, are called upon by King Roland to help out a few, newly discovered areas. However, since they are "newly discovered", Roland doesn't have a clue where they are. So, you set off on a journey to help fix-up the new areas, and help out some areas that you have checked out a few months prior.



MySims is back with a BRAND NEW adventure!

Join Lyndsay and Buddy as you are once again set off around the globe to make sure the residents of the world are happy! Take the role of the newest Wandolier and build houses, hot tubs and even temples for Sims!


Main article: Portal:MySims Adventure Characters


Island Description
Ahnceihattoe A large desert island filled with mysterious ruins and ancient buildings.
Candypalooza A super fun party where everyone's invited to see the legendary DJ Candy.
Capital Island A medieval-styled island, where King Roland resides, along with Princess Butter.
Cowboy Junction A cowboy-esque area where Sheriff Ginny lays down the law.
Cutopia A super cute island full of rabbits, flowers and cherry blossoms.
Forest of the Elves A peaceful forest, strongly based around Rock-and-Roll.
Mountain of the Sky A large mountain in the middle of the ocean. It is said to house the Gods.
Mushroom Maze A large island, with most of the area taken up by a large forest maze.
Nanea-Noho A group of three small islands around a volcano, and one of the most popular tourist attractions.
Neon Archipelago A group of islands that are based around technology.
Renee's Nature Preserve A super awesome petting zoo run by Renée. Various bears, and pigs live here.
Reward Island An island awarded to You for all your work devoted to the kingdom.
Rocket Reef A buzzing island filled with many robots and other inventions.
The Royal Academy A prestigious school for only the wackiest of students.
Shinobi Gorge A feudal Japan-esque area with ninjas at every turn.
Shoptropica A large island that is basically one huge mall.
Spookane A creepy island "ruled" by the terrible Morcubus.
Spooky Shipwreck A creepy shipwreck out in the middle of the ocean.
Trevor Island An island bought by Trevor Verily, and has been updated since the last visit.
The Uncharted Isle A mysterious island that is lost in time, as cavemen and dinosaurs rule.
Yeti Mountains A large, mountainous island that are rumored to house Yetis in the snowy terrain.

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