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MySims : Be Who You Want To Be is a fun game that adds many new characters like "Bella" and "Owen".


You start out in Gavin City in your house. You come out to play with Bella and Owen. Brock bullies you by calling you Dummy and Cake For Brains. Bella tells Brock to stop or I'll tell your mom. He stops. Your mom calls you for help with making dinner. When you finish that, that's when your adventure begins.


  • Sim Chef</li></li>
  • Creative Building</li></li>
  • Fashion Frenzy</li></li>
  • Brock Battle</li></li>
  • Guitar Star</li></li>
  • Telephone Cord</li></li>
  • Go For The Goal</li></li>
  • Pigtails</li></li>
  • Applebobbing</li></li>
  • The Sims Channel</li></li>
  • Who You Calling Cake For Brains Now</li></li>
  • Happy Swimming</li></li>
  • Free Falling</li></li>
  • All Stars</li>



  • You</li></li>
  • Bella</li></li>
  • Owen</li></li>
  • Brock</li></li>
  • Mom</li></li>
  • Zeke</li></li>
  • Ms. Nicole</li></li>
  • Buddy</li></li>
  • Bill Ding</li></li>
  • Shirley</li></li>
  • Annie Radd</li></li>
  • Travis</li></li>
  • Jordan</li></li>
  • Applejack Ariel</li></li>
  • Olympic Oswald</li></li>
  • Mayor Gavin</li></li>


    • It adds a new feature called speedchat which lets you type in what you say
    • Gavin City was named after Mayor Gavin
    • Lyndsay and Buddy were replaced by Bella and Owen
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