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MySims :: Revenge of the Fallen is a game in the MySims series created by Sumaes01 of Pixelated Projects. It will only be released to console. It will have a sequel called MySims :: Avenging the Fallen, which will take place ten years after the first game.


Everything is nice in the City of Port Bridge. Morcubus has finally been arrested, Violet is married to Daniel and pregnant, Lyndsay has washed up on the beach after accidentally locking herself in the jungle temple while exploring it. But Lyndsay just isn't the same, Dr. F and Alexa Lexington have created something that has gone horribly wrong, and there's been some rumors that MorcuCorp is going to rise once again, even without their leader.

Locations (more soon)

  • Beachy Keen Beach
  • The CrumpleBottomless Pit
  • The Flexington Lavatory
  • Spaghetto
  • Gothique Manor
  • Blood Red Rubyz Headquarters (the basement that connects Spaghetto and the Gothique Manor)
  • Crescent Moon Manor (The Watanabe Residence)
  • The Supergroove (Club Candy)
  • Miller Farm
  • Gnoble Gnome Library
  • Beachy Keen Beach
  • Beachy Keen Docks
  • Port Bridge Public Services Office
  • Snowy Mountains' Ski Lodge
  • Snowy Mountains' Delicious Delights
  • Snowy Mountain's Super Spa
  • Vogue Mall
  • Port Bridge Public Services Office (Headquarters)

Characters (more soon)

  • You (obviously)
  • Buddy
  • Joshua
  • Violet (dies)
  • Daniel
  • Elmira Cull (also dies)
  • Beverly
  • Poppy
  • Evelyn Gray
  • Madison Gray
  • Michael Gray
  • Dr. F
  • Alexa Lexington
  • The Lifeguard Quadruplets (Buttersworth, Butters, Butter, and Buttercup)
  • Esma
  • Brandi
  • Morcubus
  • Svetlana
  • Raphael
  • Dragomir
  • Rose
  • Vincent Skullfinder
  • Skip Rogers
  • Shirley Rogers
  • Nicole Vogue
  • Derek Vogue
  • Lyndsay Miller
  • Yuki
  • Toby (T.O.B.O.R.)
  • Makoto (Proto-Makoto)
  • Ian
  • Gino Delicioso
  • Charlie Delicios
  • Roxie
  • Rocky
  • Walker
  • Barney Cull
  • Ewan Skyler
  • Johnny Skyler
  • Luke
  • Duke
  • Mira Cull
  • Professor Nova
  • Chaz McFreely
  • Summer Athena
  • Billy
  • Amy
  • Emily
  • Preston Winthrop Esquire
  • Jamie Cull
  • Ame Cull
  • Amanda Jane Marshall
  • Rosalyn P. Marshall
  • Lacey Impertinent
  • Mr. Nightshade
  • Mrs. Nightshade
  • Sky Sklyer
  • Megan Muller
  • Belinda Vogue
  • Liam O'Dourke
  • Amelia Miller
  • Dolly Dearheart
  • Rhonda Miller
  • Sandra Miller
  • Sasha Miller
  • Sylvia Miller
  • Selena Miller
  • Bean Bradley
  • Brad Bradley
  • Beans Bradley

Animals (more soon)

  • Laganaphyllis Simnovorii/Cowplant (Tuffy, Annabelle, and Clarabelle)
  • Dogwood (Poppy's dog)
  • Cattail (Poppy's cat)
  • Peggy the Piggy
  • Wally the Warthog

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