"MySims 3D" is a 3D 4-Player Action and Adventure game published and developed by V Studios for the Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and the Nintendo 3DS. The game is in 3D and will air Holiday 2012. It has been announced that the game is NOT a remake of the first "MySims" and it would be in 3D. It is announced that the game will be predeccesing by "MySims Summer Party."


The gameplay is like "MySims Kingdom" and "MySims Agents" in which your sim has the ability to originally walk, and a button to run, and jump. But new features will be available to your sim. You can push, punch, kick, and use special attacks, like a MorcuCorp razer for each enemy (See the "Enemies" content below "Gameplay") and sim. But there are also some references that you cannot use some of your features. Like punching and kicking a tree with hard wood will result in a damage bar. There will be a damage bar for your sim. And it will automatically appear after you're hit. It will disappear when your bar is full. Also the icons and your stats.


Some of the enemies have been announced as of June 12, 2011.

  • MorcuCorp Soldier
  • MorcuCorp Infiltrator
  • MorcuCorp Vanguard
  • MorcuCorp Scientist
  • MorcuBot


You were walking at a park and calling your three friends, Lyndsay, Buddy, and Evelyn for a party. Then you see a mysterious aurora on the sky, and the sky turns dark! The sims are now kidnapped by the sky, and your friends noticed the event! It's up to you, Lyndsay, Buddy, and Evelyn to save the sims, and the world in 3D action, until you realize that Morcubus (Once again the antagonist) powered the weather and the aurora to invite the sims to his "Big Bad Congratulatory Winning Plan Shabang Anniversary." Which means, REVENGE!

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