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MySims 2
Developer(s) The Renegade
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date Unknown
Genre Creativity
Mode(s) Single Player
Rating(s) G (E)
Platform(s) Wii

MySims 2 is the third game created by Lord of Darkness. It's basically the same as the first MySims except with different characters and more Interests.


Commercial Sims

King Morcubus (Can't be moved out)

Cameron the Bellhop (Can't be moved out)


Spike (not this Spike, but a human)

Chef Stephanie (Uber-Tasty)

Rich Kid (Uber-Studious)

Ninja Boy (Uber-Athletic)

Devil (Uber-Spooky)

and more coming soon...

Townie Sims

Mrs. Crumplebottom




Night (Uber-Paranormal)

and more coming soon...


Town Center

Ghost Town


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