Mysims-Senshi is a Mysims game in you play as a senshi named MySenshi, and have a cat why name is MyCat.


From SailorMoon:Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, Hotaru, Chibiusa, Chibichibi, Seya, Yaten, Taiki, Kousagi, Luna, Artemis, Diana, Galaxia, Serenity. From MySims:You (Mysenshi), MyCat, Rosalyn, Buddy, Poppy, Violet, Patrick, Morcubus, Brandi, Esma. From others: Luchia Nanami from Mermaid Melody Ichigo Momomiya from Tokio Mew Mew


From SailorMoon:Rei s'Temple, Tokio Tower, Usagi s'House, Crystal Tokyo, Underwater From MySims:Town Hall, Your House, Desert, Forest, Brandi s'House, Esma s'Palace, The House of Morcubus.

The Senshi Names

You are Sailor MySenshi Rosalyn is Sailor Mayor Buddy is Tuxedo Bellhop Poppy is Sailor Flower Violet is Sailor Ghost Patrick is Tuxedo Bacon Morcubus is Tuxedo King Brandi is Sailor Patch Esma is Sailor Queen (only mentioned)Morcubus have a sister who is Sailor Ocarius999.


If you defeat all the other senshi, reach a lv.100 percentage of all the interests, reach 5 stars in every town, plays a video. In this video, is Sailor Moon who kisses Tuxedo Kamen, and the other senshi (including you)are in a white background, forms a name: AIAKI. In the japanese legends, a girl named AIAKI is destined to become a great tamer.

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