Morten Sørensen is a very funny character with black hair and black eyes. He looks very similar to Zeke Toymender. He was created by Flipq.

Roles in Games



Morten's appearance, as one of 3 of the 4 OCs created by Flip-Q.

  • In MySims Police Force, Morten's stats are 1 Paranormal and 4 Nature, which is the exact opposite of Wendalyn who has 4 Paranormal and 1 Nature.
  • Morten and Wendalyn mention in MySims Police Force that they used to date, but broke up. However, they still remain on good terms.

Foreign Name

English: Morten Sørensen

Norwegian: Morten Sørensen

Bulgarian: Мортен Сьоренсен (Morten Sørensen)

Japanese:  モーテン·ソレンセン (Mōten Sorensen) 

This character is usable with permission from the authour! You must inform the author and tell them the character's role in the game and get their approval!

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