Morcubus (MySims Malice) image
Morcubus in MySims Malice
Vital statistics
Title The Lord of MorcuCity
Gender Male
Race Black Fire
Faction The Black Fire Civilization (childhood)

MorcuCorp (adulthood)

Health 1000
Level 101
Status Deceased
Location MorcuQuarters (always the day), MorcuCity Hotel (always the night), The Department of MorcuCity (during the War of MorcuCity), The Purgatory Veil (after death)

Morcubus is the main antagonist of MySims Malice. After the days between Ghost Hunting, Morcubus has finally paid Goth Boy, you, Ray, and Violet... for revenge! His appearance is the same face, facial hair, and hair, but his clothing is in MySims Agents.



Morcubus pays for revenge... Real revenge!!!!!!!!


5 Assasin


Morcubus was born on Halloween at a sanctum at his parents' mansion. 10 years after his father and mother's death at Black Fire Manor from Ray's father, Morcubus paids Ray's father DoLadique for revenge. He created a weapon to kill his father, and it was the MorcuKnife! He throwed his knife at Ray's father and then his father died many days later. After 49 years of childhood memories, Morcubus created MorcuCorp and hired members only just to kill Ray. But then, he realize that he has friends. He wants to kill them as well. Before the war of MorcuCity, Morcubus and his members created weapons and then the giant robot, King Morculliac II! He sometimes kill his members for not being a good member, along with Svetlana. During the war, Morcubus have killed Goth Boy's teamates. But after Ray or you shot Morcubus, he'll commit suicide because of his loss. After his suicide, everyone is transported into the purgatory veil and that's the end of Morcubus.


You must kill Svetlana using several weapons or stoled weapons from MorcuCorp. After Svetlana, you must destroy King Morculliac II with Raven's Rognarok. If Raven's Rognarok is destroyed, you will fail the suicide mission. After King Morculliac II is destroyed, then you have to get off the rognarok and use the F-Gun (created by Dr. F) to shoot Morcubus. It's the only powerful weapon you'll have to use to shoot Morcubus. After you shot Morcubus, the final cutscene will be shown, the complete end credits, and the whole game will end.


"Even DISCIPLINE can win! That's your punishment!!!"

"Shut up you god dang son of a @@@@@!"

"You can do better than that, Svetlana!"

"War is might!"


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